Monday, August 31, 2009

Catching up

Because all five of the people (including my mother and sister) who periodically stop by to check and see if I’m still alive are dying to know what I’ve been up to this last month, let me fill you in……

1) I lost my balance the other day and fell over onto my plant and broke it. Moment of silence for my plant.
2) I have two begonia plants that wither away every fall and come back to life in the spring. They are blooming madly right now. One pink. One yellow.
3) I bought 4 new bras. Two white, one tan and one blue. I am feeling oh so supported and spiffy.
4) Football season is upon us. My new favorite player name is Beanie Wells. He’s the new running back for the AZ Cardinals. Keep your eye on him.
5) I am currently liking the song “Fugitive” from David Gray and “Listen to the Dark Side” by Charlie Mars.
6) I am doing a massive clean-out at my house and have a pair of size 7½ inline skates up for grabs. Call them quick or I’m going to donate them to the Lupus Foundation
7) Tonight for dinner we are having bacon-wrapped pork chops.
8) Saw “Duplicity” and “I Love You, Man”. The first one confused me and the second one charmed me. Paul Rudd is too cute.
9) I have discovered a new treat. Nestle Mini-Drumsticks. They are just the right size and just enough ice cream to satisfy my ice-cream cravings.
10) I am re-reading the Anastasia books by Lois Lowry. I completely forgot how smart and funny Anastasia is.
11) I am also continuing in my own personal pay-it-forward. I’ve been sending out gifts to various friends and family. Keep your eyes peeled. You just might be next.
12) Over the weekend I composed a list of things that simply MUST be done before the end of the summer. If I get a ¼ of the list done I will be happy.
13) Moment of sadness…..Susanna has moved once again. This time down to Newport News, VA. I am bereft. I will get over it….eventually.
14) Facebook continues to enthrall me. I am addicted to Bejeweled Blitz. I also made contact with yet another old high school classmate that I thought fell off the planet.
15) Since I managed to keep my weight off, I am definitely going to splurge on a new fall wardrobe which will include a winter coat.

Are we all caught up?!? Anything you want to ask me?!?!

How was your summer?

Friday, August 07, 2009

did you know....

Lee Marvin is a direct descendant of Thomas Jefferson?

Women used to go to sea with their sea-captain husbands?

Nestle has come out with a wee version of the Drumstick?

During WWII the Japanese killed/beheaded POW's not to mention any civilian(s) who they suspected might be collaboraters?

Florida is infested with Burmese pythons?

"El Luncho" is NOT the correct Spanish word for lunch?

New York Giants QB Eli Manning signed a 6-yr $97.5 million dollar contract?

Even though I lost considerable weight I am NOT a 34B? More like a 36C (in case you are interested)

My sister is coming to visit later this month?

Now, tell me something I don't know!!