Friday, January 18, 2008

going dark

I’ve got to go.
Just for a couple of days.

It’s nothing YOU'VE done or said, it’s me.

There are some things weighing heavily on my mind and until I can resolve them I’m going dark.
But I’ll be back, I promise (and will be checking emails all the while)

Until then, gaze in wonder and admiration upon the cuteness that is the Zach Attack.

Monday, January 14, 2008

guess what

Guess what??



Give up?

BIG news….

On Friday I went to the Dr. and he pronounced me “superb”. No really, he wrote it in the chart and everything. The result of being “superb”?? In two weeks I can go back to work!!! Woo-hoo. I miss work. So now I need to concentrate on negotiating the front steps. PLUS, I can start driving again. Which means that, because Tom has been driving my car these past weeks, I’ll have to adjust the seat, the mirrors and the radio station.

Guess what else?

This is not such big news (except for Tom who, if he plays his cards right, might just get lucky tonight) but…..I shaved my legs and trimmed my toenails today.

Oh, there’s one more thing….today is nephew Zach’s 3-months in the world mark. I got to meet Zach over Christmas. He was very well behaved. Didn’t spit up on me at all. You should have seen the nice gift haul the child made. Too bad he slept through the unwrapping.

The three months mark also means that Zach’s mother is gearing up to go back to work. We both had some nice time off, although hers was scheduled and mine was not.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

the britney, she is everywhere

On Monday night, we went over to Tom’s grandparents to help celebrate Grandpa Bergman’s 88th birthday.

Dinner was a traditional spaghetti supper, followed by the obligatory ice cream cake.

Let me explain about the ice cream cake…..the beauty of an ice cream cake is that it combines ice cream and cake in one which pleases grandma as she is nothing if not an efficient woman. She generally purchases an ice cream cake from the local ice cream shop. It is usually chocolate with that dreadful frozen whipped cream frosting with neon red, yellow and blue icing decorations. This is the first of several ice cream cakes that will be served at Bergman functions this year.

I am not a fan of ice cream cake. I prefer a nice chunk of moist, homemade chocolate cake that is cheek- by -jowl with a slowly melting scoop of vanilla ice cream.

After dinner, while we waited for Aunt Jane and Gma to tidy up, the rest of us retired to the living room in anticipation of the gift opening.

Grandpa had control of the remote and in the customary Bergman fashion, was idly flipping through the channels looking for either a classic John Wayne western or a sports program.

Inexplicably, Grandpa stopped on “Inside Edition” where, naturally, the news was all about Britney.

This sparked a level of interest I have only witnessed heretofore (at least in this living room) for Yankee games.

The conversation soon devolved into a round robin on Britney’s hair and how it could have grown so long, so quickly since she shaved her head. You know, really important questions. At this point, the Bergman men were given a very brief tutorial on the world of hair extensions.

Shortly thereafter Gma came in and the TV was turned off. Which was good, because I was truly anticipating Gma to start talking about how Britney was caught on camera with her hoo-ha showing. And I imagined further how this observation would inevitably lead to the question hotly debated at so many 88th birthday celebrations.

Does Brit-Brit shave or wax for her bare down there look?

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

i resolve

I could take all day to reflect on things that happened in 2007 but it basically boils down to this: In addition to dealing with the MS (which obviously is here to stay), I endured my house being overrun with various varmints, both dead and alive, I survived several reptile/amphibian invasions, and I fell down and broke my leg. And that my friends, sums up the year that was.

Resolutions for the New Year:

I resolve to drink more water

I resolve to take my vitamins

I resolve to stop checking every hour

I resolve to read more books and watch less TV

I resolve to write more letters

I resolve to eat my vegetables

I resolve to wear earrings every day

I resolve to not fall down and break any more bones

I resolve to be more loving to my long-suffering husband

I resolve to cut my Oreo consumption by at least half

I resolve to not to be such a snarky, sarcastic bitch (which could be detrimental to the overall tone of my blog)

Now I’m off to see what the rest of the world has resolved.