Wednesday, January 02, 2008

i resolve

I could take all day to reflect on things that happened in 2007 but it basically boils down to this: In addition to dealing with the MS (which obviously is here to stay), I endured my house being overrun with various varmints, both dead and alive, I survived several reptile/amphibian invasions, and I fell down and broke my leg. And that my friends, sums up the year that was.

Resolutions for the New Year:

I resolve to drink more water

I resolve to take my vitamins

I resolve to stop checking every hour

I resolve to read more books and watch less TV

I resolve to write more letters

I resolve to eat my vegetables

I resolve to wear earrings every day

I resolve to not fall down and break any more bones

I resolve to be more loving to my long-suffering husband

I resolve to cut my Oreo consumption by at least half

I resolve to not to be such a snarky, sarcastic bitch (which could be detrimental to the overall tone of my blog)

Now I’m off to see what the rest of the world has resolved.


Anonymous said...

I resolve to cheer you on in your resolutions.

I suck at doing anything unless I'm absolutely forced to, or my survival depends on it. Therefore, no resolutions that are not life-saving.

You're a better woman than I, my friend.

How's the mobility? I've been so busy bitching about the snow and ice and cold here in Minnesota that I haven't noticed the weather out your way. Are you able to get outside without fear of slipping on the ice and breaking some other important body part?

And you know, canes aren't such a bad thing. I often tell my cane-using friends that I should have one, too, because I really do have some clumsiness issues.

And I would paint mine red and white, much like a REAL candy cane, and I would think that I was hiLARious. You could do something fun like that -- maybe get a camoflage one, if you don't want people to notice it.

And another good thing? You could use a cane to keep the critters at bay. One good knock on the head with the business end of that cane, and they'd probably tell their friends to find another place to hang out.

Happy new year, Jen.

Take care.

kay (not anonymous. technology sucks sometimes. mainly when i can't figure it out.)

Dana said...

All very good resolutions. I will cheer you on as well!

I look forward to hearing about the books you read and the veggie eating goes...I know that is a big one for you!

I have to tell you the first thing I noticed about your blog when I began reading was your snarky sense of humor despite the fact that you suffer from MS. Last year my doctor sent me to a neurologist in order to rule it out. He is still not convinced I don't have it despite the absence of a lesion on my MRI. Next flare up he plans on a spinal tap. I am not saying for you to give up the non-snarky resolution. I am just saying, your ability to laugh in a not-so-laughable situation is inspirational to me. Thanks for a year of smiles!
Carry on...

mk99 said...

Don't take too much snarkiest out - we'll miss it.

mandolyn said...

I resolve to pay more attention to the blog world. I've been doing a less than admirable job lately.


Misty said...

these are wonderful resolutions! How in the world you could stand being invaded by reptiles I am not sure, but I shudder to think about it... ewww...
I resolved to write more letters too!

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

I'm liking your Perez Hilton resolution. I'm thinking of quitting him altogether because he's just a bit too nasty for me. But he's just so addictive...

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, I like the earring resolution. I think that is a resolution I could actually stick to, as I am a earring whore. I seriously have way too many earrings. And I also agree with your PerezHilton resolution,,, I hate that guy.

Knitting Kris said...

Resolutions, I call them aspirations. I hate them...I always make them, and promptly break them! :) I'm with the others - don't remove too much "snarkiness" - your wit and humor have always amazed and inspired me! :)

Anonymous said...

Good God, woman, that's a lot of resolutions! Is that one a month? Good luck with it, either way. I say if you don't fall down and break your leg this year, you're golden!

I resolve to better maintain my patience with my students. I almost blew a gasket before break. So far, so good.

3 Parrots Island said...

I'm with you on vitamins and vegetables. I'm actually going to order some powder that has all the veggie/fruit intake needed because my recent diet is all about crunchy salty things and cheese. Oh the cheese.

I am not with you on the snarky sarcasm. That stays, and you should keep yours as well. If you take that out you'll have more time to concentrate on earrings.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on Perez Hilton! It makes me SOOO irate to read him at times, but it's addictive.

I really wish he'd lay off poor ol Britney tho. How many times can you beat that dead horse before it just becomes cruel?