Monday, January 14, 2008

guess what

Guess what??



Give up?

BIG news….

On Friday I went to the Dr. and he pronounced me “superb”. No really, he wrote it in the chart and everything. The result of being “superb”?? In two weeks I can go back to work!!! Woo-hoo. I miss work. So now I need to concentrate on negotiating the front steps. PLUS, I can start driving again. Which means that, because Tom has been driving my car these past weeks, I’ll have to adjust the seat, the mirrors and the radio station.

Guess what else?

This is not such big news (except for Tom who, if he plays his cards right, might just get lucky tonight) but…..I shaved my legs and trimmed my toenails today.

Oh, there’s one more thing….today is nephew Zach’s 3-months in the world mark. I got to meet Zach over Christmas. He was very well behaved. Didn’t spit up on me at all. You should have seen the nice gift haul the child made. Too bad he slept through the unwrapping.

The three months mark also means that Zach’s mother is gearing up to go back to work. We both had some nice time off, although hers was scheduled and mine was not.


Misty said...

ahhh, but what a relaxing (um???) experience to go through together/seperately... :)

Congrats on the granting of your freedom!

mk99 said...

we're not surprised, we knew you were superb

Dana said...

Yay! Back to work you!!!

Hey, she didn't get fabulous drugs and you didn't have to change diapers.
Hey, I love babies, I have even have some of my own. Just helping you see the silver lining between the two of you having the same time off...

Teri said...

Glad you're on the mend! And that baby is too cute for words...

Zach's Mom said...

I will be at home until February 19th with the Zach Attack! It has been a great 13 weeks.

And I did have some awesome drugs, Dana...nothing quite beats the epidural during full-on labor contractions. My husband is amazed how quickly it changes my pre-delivery demeaner.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous here.

Glad to hear of your superbfulness. Do I have to break my leg for someone to FINALLY tell me that? Because that would suck.

Are you afraid of the evil, leg-breaking front steps? Do you feel that they're watching you? Growling at you? Waiting for you?

Am I creepy? I think I am.

Glad to hear you're on your way back to work. Multiply that by about four years, and you'll know how happy I would be to get a job. ANY job.

Take good care, my friend. I'm continuing to keep you in my healingest thoughts.


Liz said...

No one has ever called me "superb" before. Congratulations.