Thursday, July 12, 2007

vacay recap

No man needs a vacation so much as the man who has just had one.” —Mark Twain

Three important facts I learned about Disney World:

1) Florida is hot and humid and it rains at least once a day
2) Shamu….much bigger in person
3) Crocs are the shoes du jour in Disney World. I saw them in every size and every color of the rainbow.

No pictures. I didn’t bring the camera. But I can borrow some from my sister-in-law if anybody desperately needs to see proof that I did go to Orlando.

Because MS and heat don’t really do well together, I passed on the character breakfast and the day-long excursion to Magic Kingdom. Instead, I stayed in the condo and got caught up on my reading and Netflix movies. Because in all honesty, my idea of a vacation is lying around reading and eating food prepared by someone else.

Places I DID get to see: Seaworld, Downtown Disney, MGM and the magnificent fireworks display at MGM on July 4th. There is a LOT of standing around and waiting at Disney. We sat for 45 minutes waiting to see the fireworks which lasted for approximately 7 minutes.

Also, the employees at Disney are preternaturally friendly and, given the fact that I come from New Jersey, I found the friendliness a bit disconcerting.

In other news, upon returning from vacation, the MS returned unbidden in the form of diplopia.

Diplopia = double vision. So basically, I’m seeing doubles of everything unless it is 2 feet in front of me.

At first I thought I thought it was eye strain, punishment for watching the entire 6th cycle of ANTM in reruns on Saturday. But by Tuesday I was seeing double. I bullied my way into the eye doctor’s office Tuesday night and had an emergency eye exam. Whereupon the Dr. told me that what I was experiencing was diplopia. He says he can give me prism glasses to help me see correctly. And he gave me an eye patch. If I put it over one eye, I can see well enough to drive.

I look like a pirate- ARRRGGGHHH!

This would have come in handy last week when the theme for the vacation was pirates.

A final note…when asked “Alex, what do pirates drink?” my husbands 2 year-old nephew has learned to say “RUM”. His mother has Uncle Tommy to thank for that.


njaney said...

She's back!

Sorry for the double fun...but I would like a picture of you in your patch. Arrrr!

Disney is F-ING humid, and crowded, and I can't even imagine it on the fourth!

Lastly, I hate Crocs.

Jen said...

You're back!!! I'm so glad you had a great time. I completely agree with your idea of a great vacation,,, much of the time I think, "why sight see when I can lounge in this bed and order room service?" Sometimes I feel like I've worked more while on vacation than when I am home. So sorry about your MS rearing it's ugly head,,, I wish you a quick recovery of the diplopia.

Kay said...

Thank you for the comment -- it made my day :) I will come back eventually. I just need a little time.

It sounds like you had a pretty good vacation. You were brave to go to Orlando on the 4th of July -- that place is crawling with people year-round, so it was probably a madhouse last week. Alex is too cute!

I hope the double vision has subsided. Have a good weekend!

kay said...

Vacation comments first: Good for you for avoiding as much heat and humidity as possible. I don't have MS, but those things don't agree with me, either.

Next: I have a pair of crocs. I got them three (THREE!!) years ago in Texas, looooooong before anyone else had ever even heard of the things. We first saw them on all the deep-sea fisherpersons who spent long days on their boats, and they were the perfect boat shoes. Because we have a boat, too, I quickly jumped aboard the Fisherperson Train and got a pair of blue crocs. When I first wore them here, people had never SEEN such crazy shoes.

Plus, they're comfortable as all hell, if you get the "real" crocs. I rarely wear them anywhere except on the boat and out in our yard, however.

Did you go on any rides? Like a Shamu ride? They saddle him up, don't they? If they don't, they should. That would be fun.

How was MGM?

And now for some MS/pirate commenting.

MS sucks big hairy balls. (I smell a Google hit!)

Next, would you like to borrow my pink lacy eyepatch? I'd drive it right to your house, if you wanted.

And lastly, poor little Alex has been misinformed.

In response to the pirate question, his answer SHOULD be:

"Avast, Matey! It be RUM they drink!"

At least that's what I taught MY kids to say...

smtwngrl said...

Welcome back! I was so happy to see your comments. I've missed you!

Sorry about the eyes. Just think, flies see in like thousand-vision, so it could be worse, right?

Anonymous said...

Now that it is how I would like to spend my vacation: just lounging. I mean that's what it's for anyway, right?

Hope your vision is better, although a pic of you with your eye patch would be nice...

kay said...

I am SUCH a comment whore.

I was just wondering: Do I actually need to call Dr. Bombay?

Are you OK?

kay said...

F'real now.

Are you OK? I'm worrying.