Friday, March 06, 2009

(un)comfortably numb

One of the symptoms of MS is numbness.
Both my feet are pretty numb as well my legs and somedays it travels up to my ribcage. 
My left hand is also numb. 
Numb might not be the right word for it.  Altered sensation is more accurate. 
Be that as it may, the numbness in my extremities is not my point for this post.
The real numbness seems to be an emotional one. 
Sometimes I wonder if, like our country, I'm going into a bit of a depression.
Or maybe I'm finally growing up, because I'm finding it harder and harder to get worked up about things.  Things that used to bother me just slide right off, like water off a ducks back.
Take the skirmish Himself and I had the other day about the breadbox.
Jen: "WHY, in the name of all that is holy and wise, do you leave continue to leave the bread box lid down?  Seriously.  When you are done with the bread and you put it back in the bread box, just put the lid up. Look at how simple it is to close the lid".
Jen (opens bread box): Open
Jen (closes bread box with a bang):  CLOSED
Jen:  Now how hard was that?
I must say, he took the hollering and assorted histrionics like a champ and I thought my point was made.
The next morning the lid was down again. And I knew in my very soul that he did it on purpose.  Just to mess with me. However, because I had expended all my anger and frustration the day before, I just shrugged off my irritation and calmly closed the bread box myself. 
In the past,  I would have harangued him endlessly just to prove my point.  Oh, yes I was a joy to live with!!!
But now? 
Now I just take a deep breath and move on.
Life is too short and otherwise complicated to be all het up about nothing.
HOWEVER.....just try drinking out of my orange mug or sleeping in my bed without my knowledge or permission!
That is a whole different kettle of fish!


G Love said...

I wouldn't dream of it!

Melody said...

It's all perspective hey? I try to choose my battles carefully.