Wednesday, December 09, 2009


I'm on Facebook. Look me up.

But let me give you fair warning.

If you are going to use Facebook as a announcement of every little boring, inane thing you are doing, I might just unfriend you.


I really don't care that you just woke up. Or that you are going to bed. Or that you have a headache. Or that you are eating, sleeping or pooping. I JUST DON'T CARE!!!

Tell me something fun and exciting that you have done or are about to do.

But don't tell how much you despise the Republicans/Democrats. Or what stupid thing President Obama has done. Or how the world is going to hell in a handbasket.


Don't preach to me. I know Jesus loves me. He loves you too. And would love you even more if you didn't go on and on about the minutiae of your day.

You COULD join in my Friday Lunch Challenge. That is always fun. Share your lunch menu for the day. But I don't want to know your every bite.


Steph said...

Hear, hear! Can we also add to the list "I don't want to know every time you feel nauseous, for whatever reason" and "I don't need to know every excruciating detail of your divorce and custody battle with your insane wife"? Also, "Yes, I know you have an advanced degree, but it doesn't make you that special so please stop mentioning it in every single status update."

Melody said...

For breakfast this morning I had banana nut muffin, and then at work I had.... :-))

I completely understand your pain.

Cory said...

Facebook friends I have to hide from view:

-I never have anything interesting to say, so I'll say every boring thing that pops into my head.

-Pay attention to me! I'll only post cryptic messages so someone will take the bait.

-Woe is me. Let me complain about every bad thing in my life.

-My life is fabulous! Aren't I lucky?

-I could not spell or punctuate a sentence to save my life.

Cory said...

And I forgot the one who only uses her status updates to try to sell me real estate.

Anonymous said...

That's a lot of conditions! There is a hide button for those who reach annoying status on FB. I use that for in-laws and distant relatives that would be miffed if I unfriended them.

Add one more to the list: Invites for all the apps that have to do with barnyard animals, hugs and kisses bears, and snowball fights.

Jen said...


Knitting Kris said...

Amen! I have stopped checking FB because of these "issues", and I truly feel that it's almost worse than high school. AGH!
Congrats on your weight loss! If you are in this area over the holidays, please look us up. We're in the phone book!