Friday, April 27, 2007

birthday wrap-up

Today I was gently reminded by my good friend Sanna, that I haven’t done a post-birthday post. Mostly I think she wants to see her name up in lights when I publicly thank her for remembering me on my birthday.

So here goes:

A big thanks goes out to my good friend Sanna. She purchased not one, not two , but THREE items from my wish list.

None of the rest of you even came close – suckers!

I received several e-mail birthday greeting cards: Cousin Jeremiah, Aunt Renee and my friend Cory. And by the way, Cory if you are reading this, do you EVER check your emails?!?!

I also got a lovely birthday wish from my friend of high school days Missy Knepp, who, as it turns out, reads my blog and was worried because I haven’t posted in a while.

Explanations for the dearth of postings will be revealed at some point (all in good time, my pets)

To the rest of you knuckleheads, who because of my blatant attempt at garnering birthday wishes, were kind enough to actually respond with a “Happy Birthday”, let me know when it is your birthday and I will reciprocate in kind, because I’m cool like that.

My mother called me at 6pm. Because that was the official time I was born. I once again got to hear the miraculous story of my birth. Including the part where when I came out the Dr. turned to the nurse and said "here take her, she's piddling all over"

From my husband I got the following:
1) chinese take-out - the pu pu platter of which i ate most of it followed by chicken with cashew nuts for me and chicken lo mein for him

2) a foot rub- which was so lovely after 5 hours on my feet

3) complete control of the remote all night - we watched Ferris Bueller's Day Off - the annotated version. Did you know that the actor that played 18 year old Cameron was 30?

The evening progressed quietly and bouyed by the thought of a 30yr old sucessfully playing an 18yr old, I effortlessly entered my mid-thirties.


Cory said...

I'm glad you had a good birthday. Of course I check my email, it just doesn't usually get answered for a few weeks.

Once again I'm reminded that you are my cyber-soulmate because my mom calls me at 7:51 am every year and I too get to hear the story of my birth. Freaky.

njaney said...



I'm horrible. I forgot your birthday. And this after your thoughtful gift.

I will reciprocate.

I'm happy to hear that your mid-thirties are happy. You hear me?