Thursday, May 03, 2007

live from NJ....boobies

Purely for vanity’s sake, I have squished me lovelies in a bra that is:

1) pale pink
2) an underwire
3) ever so slightly padded (not that I really need it)
4) and at the moment excruciatingly tight because it is a size too small

The result of this enforced agony?

The girls are flying high and proud.

Salute them as you pass by.


Betsy said...

Ugh. There are few things worse than a too-small bra that rubs and chafes. Or is it chafs? Chaffs? Whatever.
Your boobies have my sympathies.

mandolyn said...

I would add my sympathies, but I am sadly unable. I have boobie-envy.

I recently bought a "nearly B" thinking that surely my pregnancy boobies (read: rare precious miniatures) would fill it up. Yeah, not so much. Yet. I'm still holding out hope.

Beth said...

I HATE too tight bras. Makes for an unfun day!

But at least they are high and proud. I SALUTE YOU!

Jen said...

Ooooh,,, but the hubby must be happy!!! I put on one of my tighter bras the other day and my husband was suddenly very aware of my presence. A bit unsettling. Also,,, don't you feel so girly in a cute pink bra? I love it when I put on the bras that are not black or white, I suddenly feel a bit more sexy!

Anonymous said...

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