Tuesday, February 19, 2008

news of note

Today is Tuesday.

I have to keep reminding myself that it is Tuesday.

Our office was closed yesterday in observance of President’s Day. Three day weekend baby!! So today feels like a Monday.

News items:

Time for a Zach Attack –

Please join me in wishing Zach’s Mom a good day today. This is her first day back to work after maternity leave and I’m sure she is missing her baby right about now. Trot on over and give her some love and support today!

I got an email on Thursday. NaBloPoMo is going monthly. This means that we’ll have twelve opportunities a year to jump-start our blogging by posting thirty or thirty-one days in a row. Starting March 1, we will have a different theme to blog on every month. It’s totally optional but I think I’m going to do it. I barely got started on NaBloPoMo in November before I felldownthestairsandbroemyleginthreeplaces. The topic for March is “Lists”. Thirty-one days of lists. I’m going to need some good ideas, so hit me!

Yesterday I walked right by a huge endcap of spring time Double stuff Oreos - 2 for $5.00 and didn’t pick up a single pack. I don’t know what is wrong with me!?!? I did however, pick up a box of Valentine’s Day candy at 75% off.

And finally, everyday I see a few more gray hairs and all I can do is sigh.


Knitting Kris said...

When Todd started ripping my gray hair out of my head, I started the to dye it. Now, he can't tell gray from the "not-so-gray."
I NEED a three day weekend. Unfortunately, next week is 6 days of work in a row, and then blessed enough, a stint of 4 days, and then a 3 day weekend! But the heck I have to pay for it is maddening!

Dana said...

Yesterday I walked right by a huge endcap of spring time Double stuff Oreos - 2 for $5.00 and didn’t pick up a single pack.

Must be the flu. It's a very odd strain this year...

Zach is getting so big!

Anonymous said...

I let my grays grow in for about 6 months recently. people used to look at my boobs when i talked, now they were looking at my roots. i have way more gray than my older brother or my parents had at my age. i had my fun amazing at the sheen and amount of the silvers in my hair as they got longer and longer, and then i went back to coloring.- whew! relief! it's healthier with the color too. i should have taken a picture to compare it to in another 10 years. i'm ok with them being gray - i can color them. i'm just grateful they are all staying in my head. my sister has cautioned me about the straightening iron singeing them off so now i use a lower setting and i have to say, i've had about a month of good hair days. knock on wood.

ParanoidX2 said...

It's as if he already knows about the $400,000 debt he has. compliments of Our Government's uncontrolled spending.

Anonymous said...

I am continuously plucking white hairs. They're easy to grab because they are coarse and stick up. I think teaching is making me age prematurely.