Monday, October 05, 2009

Facebook Etiquette

Here's a question for all you Facebook people out there.

What do you do when a person accepts your friend request and then days later you find out that they unfriended you? For no discernible reason.

Do you try and find out why or do you just let it go?

An aquaintance just did this to me. An old high school chum actually. This person has changed a lot since high school and to be frank I should never have done a friend request. She has become judgmental and holier-than-thou and not worth my time. Who needs a friend like that anyway?

You know.....I think I've just answered my own question!

Carry on.


Misty said...

it's interesting though. I've never had that happen. It's not like being FB friends means your lives now travel the same circle. It's FB for goodness sakes.

Jen said...

Does FB actually tell you that you've been "unfriended"? I notice that my FB friends sometimes come and go and then come back again. I don't really know what that means. BUT... if the girl is really not someone you would ever want to talk to on the street then I think she's not a friend worth having.

Jenster said...

I had to "unfriend" someone when I "friended" the wrong person who just happened to have the same name as the person I was searching for. When I realized my mistake, I sent him a polite message apologizing for the confusion and letting him know that I would "unfriend" him now. Why he accepted my friend request when he had no idea who I was is beyond me.

I've just recently decided to accept FB friends requests if these are people I would actually want to go to a movie with. I made the mistake in the past in accepting requests from friends-of-friends and people that I didn't even like that much back in the day, and the results have been highly annoying.

PhantomMinuet said...

My work here is done. :-)

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