Tuesday, January 02, 2007

ho ho ho

This, my fine friends, is the portrait of a tired, slightly dissatisfied with Christmas breakfast, waiting for her nephew to open his "more cowbell" t-shirt person dressed in her Christmas Day finery.
Unaware that she resembled Santa Claus.
Until she saw this.
For accuracy's sake, please note that while she does indeed have the requisite rosy red cheeks and the twinkling eyes, her belly does NOT quiver like a bowl full of jelly.
Photo courtesy of Chris and Jenny Webb (damn them!!)


kay said...

Who you callin' a ho? ; )

This is the happiest picture I've ever seen...and you ARE dressed like Mrs. Claus, kind of.

Why were you dissatisfied with breakfast? Did it NOT include a plate of delicious French toast? My Christmas breakfast consisted of...let's see, now... a Diet Pepsi and several different cookies. I was dissatisfied, too.

Thanks for posting this. You're cute as hell.

mannyed said...

you commented on my blog that you are blue in the face with anticipation, what gives. :o)

Beth said...

I didnt have a christmas breakfast...so there! AND I broke up with my boyfriend on Christmas...so double there! hehe.

Becca said...

That is a really nice picture! You do look happy!

njaney said...

Dear Mrs. Clause,

Next year can you please tell your husband that I would like some really cool things under the tree?

Much love to the reindeer-



Jen said...

So the strangest thing is that you look sooooo much like my sister in law,,,, seriously, you could be twins! I think you look quite merry! Happy Christmas, belated.

meg said...

Happy New Year, girlie!
Looking quite festive there ;) I'm with Kay- what was wrong with breakfast? Mine was a donut, tea & orange juice in the hotel lobby :P

Jess said...

We had eggs, bacon, toast, pancakes (vegan 'cause Adi was here), and potatoes... it was yummy. I love this picture... happy happy, joy joy holiday face.