Thursday, January 04, 2007

to dream the impossible dream

last night while at walmart, I took a quick detour into the handbags aisle, which in turn led me to the accessories aisle and rows of earrings.

ah the earrings!

they were all big, dangly, plasticy, hoop earrings. with plastic bracelets to match.

very 80’s

and it made me wistful for the girl of the late 80’s who would have spent all of her hard earned (by washing dishes at the restaurant) money on plastic accessories.

in keeping with the 80’s theme, last night I had my usual sexy dream with the guy from high school.

this time we were at a party and were making out in the bathroom.

which was weird on two levels:
1) this guy and I NEVER partied together in high school
2) i would NEVER make out in a bathroom. it’s my firm belief that when you are making out with a hot guy it should be done in public for all and sundry to see.

Just when things were getting really hot and heavy he gave a lame excuse and suddenly disappeared and I was putting my dress back on and the dream was over.

unfulfilled yet again.

which begs the question: is it cheating if it is in a dream?


kay said...

Tonight, I will comment on your comments at my site. Tomorrow, I will comment on this hilarious post.

Your Dyson canNOT take my Riccar. My Riccar is the Cadillac of vacuums. I'd let you borrow it, but you'd never return it, I'm quite sure. It's that. damn. great.

Patresa does blog. Here is the link:

She is delicious and marvelous.

The Flirting Cake, as it shall forever be called? Butter pecan with caramel frosting. Flirt on, brotha!

Thanks for the awesome card. I got it today, and was like a 3-year-old, showing it to Husband:

"Look, Husband! I got a card from my blogging friend, Jen! Isn't it pretty? Hey! Hey! No touching!"

Visit Patresa. You'll love her.

Malathionman said...

Yes it is. You are going to hell. :)

mannyed said...

Naaah. Unless you tell him. :o)

Cory said...

Yeah, don't tell him. And all making out with hot guys should be done on the hood of your car.

kilowatthour said...

i am in favor of random hot guy dreams. less pleasurable are the ones that have you making out with someone for whom you have no attraction whatsoever. very confusing.

kay said...

OK. I took a while to get back. But here I am.

Cheating. Hmmmmm. Are you of the Jimmy Carter School of Thought, wherein even thinking someone other than your spouse is attractive "is a form of cheating?"

I'm not. I'm a firm believer in the ludicracy of dreams, and the accompanying fact that we do NOT control our dreams.

If we did, I'd be puzzled by my innate interest to fight with tigers and pandas, and I'd be TROUBLED by my insane desire to go camping with my ex-husband and his hateful sisters.

Dreams are weird.

So make out with a clear conscience, and be sure you're wearing some of those awesome dangly earrings while you're doing it!

ParanoidX2 said...

Dreams are very telling. This one in particular says you are unfulfilled in your current relationship, or, not currently in one. Bathroom: There is a part of you (secretive yes) yet on the dark, kinky side. Your sexual desires are out of reach or sought after in a manor inconsistent with your internal moral compass. You are constantly choosing the wrong guys, those who leave you high and dry, alone to pickup the pieces. If you are currently in a relationship you are subconsciously fearful of him abandoning you, and are in desperate need of “assurance of relational longevity”.
This is commonly referred to as marriage.
Or on the other hand it could have just been a dream. LOL