Thursday, February 22, 2007

pause for refreshment

so here's the deal......

my sister Jody and her kids are venturing down from their Vermont mountain for a four day visit.

While they are here, I will relinquish the computer to my sister so that she may play endless games of Zuma in a futile attempt to beat my high score.

During this time, I shall exist solely to grant the whims and wishes of Jason, Phoebe and Verna Mavis.

Never fear, I WILL return on Tuesday with stories and pictures and at which time I will catch up with the following blog friends:

Ami - who bought a new house and is slowly making it her home.
Beth - who I JUST found out has uterine cancer and I'm more than a little concerned!
NJaney - who is getting married and is contemplating adding a new bird to her menagerie
Mandolyn - who is pregnant with her first baby (a girl) and I need an update!
Mannyed - time for a tale about a cat and the people he owns
EdgyKay - who has been sick and is full of germs so I stayed away from her blog so as not to infect myself so close to having guests
All Knowing Jen - we need to seriously discuss about forming a "Just Jens" club
Patresa - she doesn't even know I exist (I found her from EdgyKay) and I've been sort of stalking her ever since, she is THAT good!
Katie - just had a baby boy and I really need to go over there and congratulate her!
Another Jen - who has the most beautiful baby girl with the more hair than one little should have at her age!

If you come by to check in and see if I've updated BEFORE Tuesday, try any one of these lovely people instead, to tide you over until I return.

Don't miss me too much!


kay said...

Oh, for a little girl named Verna Mavis. (or are you just protecting her identity?)

Either way, it's a killer name. I also like Violet, and Lucy. (I sense a "Peanuts" theme...)

Have fun with the rellies. In MY house, that would be an oxymoron.

smtwngrl said...

Enjoy the family!

(BTW, Patresa was my inpiration for starting a blog. Although I'd never presume to be as talented and funny as she is!)

NJaney said...

Hey lady- thanks for the shout out~

Enjoy the weekend!

We'll see you next, um, week. I couldn't say Tuesday- that's rude ;)

Beth said...

Thank you for your thoughts. GREATLY appreciated!

mannyed said...

i know, i need to update, bad Manny's mommy! Hope you had a really great time with the fam!

mandolyn said...

Can't wait to hear about your fun weekend! Klem and I have scolded ourselves for not being very blog-attentive recently and have vowed to do better.

I promise to have a baby update soon. All is quite well, she's moving around (unless I try to point it out, then she stops) and I should have fancy-pants pictures in a week!