Tuesday, February 20, 2007


You all deserve a quick update, my beautiful blogging friends:

The prednisone is doing its job, which includes chipmunk cheeks, bouts of irrational anger and an increase in mobility. As a matter of fact, today was the first time that I was able to move my right foot from the gas to the brake. When a flare-up happens, I sometimes brake with the left foot, which leads to some very jerky braking and might possibly be illegal, I don’t know. A girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to DO!.

But let me share this (which is of greater importance):

When I got home from work on Friday night, I spied a big box on my front porch.



For ME!!!

Inside the big box, tenderly cushioned by those plastic air pillows, was a smaller box.


Inside the smaller box were 12 even smaller blue boxes.

And inside each of the smaller blue boxes, were lovely little crispy, crunchy, chocolately discs of cookie goodness held together with cream filling, otherwise known as OREOS!!

With a note bidding me to “Stash them around the house. We should never run out and have to rely on graham cracker substitutes”.

This was a thoughtful gift from my friend Jess Jones, who not only knows the importance of Oreos but also knows the joy in receiving an unexpected box from Amazon.com

Now that I think about it, perhaps it’s not just the Prednisone alone that is making my cheeks fatter?!?

So thank you, Jess Jones for thinking of me.

And thanks to the rest of you lovely people who took a moment to check in and see if I’m still alive and kicking!

Next up…..a visit from my sister and her kids.


Laval said...

haha...It's been great to stop in on your site again. Prednisone, cookies and cream...who could want for anything else hehe. Lv Erika kakaka

mannyed said...

Jess Jones u rule! You get the Golden Oreo award for the day!

Jen: remove the cookies from your cheeks to reduce swelling :o) Hope you continue to get well!

kay said...

You DO know that I go by the name "Jess Jones," too, right? ; )

I'm quite happy to hear that you're feeling some kind of better. Somedays, just having skin is too much work for me, so I can totally feel your pain. (OK, not your actual pain, but a pretty close facsimile)

Please continue the upward trend, so that you continue to amuse me in my old age.

I'm needy like that.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Everybody is leaving Spaces? It's so lonely here. And I fear for Bill's ability to sustain his lifestyle. Oh my! Remember when it used to be OK to like Microsoft? Are they now the Wal-Mart of the cyber-world? Goodness!