Friday, June 15, 2007


So there I was, sitting at my desk, blissfully eating my post- prandial Snickers bar while checking my emails.

I wasn’t really paying attention to what I was eating, other than to savor the chocolately, nutty gooeyness that is a Snickers bar, when I happened to glance down and saw that the filling was green.


It looked moldy.

I took a closer look at the packaging.

Folks, I had in my hand a Shrek the Third Snickers candy bar with “Green Shrek Filling”

They hasten to assure the consumer that it has the “same Snickers taste”.

I can assure you it does.


smtwngrl said...

Thank God it wasn't moldy! Can you imagine what a damper that might have put on your Snickers eating? (Then again, maybe moldy would have been a good thing, huh? :o) )

pixie sticks said...

my childcare provide had the same shocking experience with cheetos - they looked normal yet instantly turned her mouth green. Weird marketing idea.

Betsy said...

A friend's mother once had a Salted Nut Roll that was filled with maggots instead of fluffy nougat.
Thank goodness the green in your Snickers was intentional. Can you imagine if it wasn't? You would never be able to eat another Snickers. And that, my friend, would be a tragedy.

Mannyed said...

i don't understand why people think green is a good color to add to food...bagels on St. Patty's Day; Green Ketchup: Green snickers...just plain ugh.

Jen said...

Green's my favorite color,,, but not in my food. Green food coloring should only be used for frosting on cupcakes.