Wednesday, December 17, 2008

christmas cards

Raise your hand if you can't live without a Christmans card from Jen.
I don't really feel like sending out cards this year. I did it last year, even though I was recuperating from a broken leg.

Usually I like to take the time to pick-out nice cards but not this year. If I DO send out cards it will be from a box of 40 cards that I got at the dollar store.

Raise your hand if you still want a cheap 2¢ card.


Ami said...

I don't need a card to know you're thinking about me, so I won't force you to send me one.

I totally skipped Christmas cards last year. In fact, while looking through my wrapping paper stash last night I found the two boxes of cards I bought last year and never managed to open, sign or send. And with every passing day the likelihood of me getting my cards out this year is diminishing.

I hope everyone knows I love them even if they don't get a card.

Melody said...

Just send me a typically hilarious "Jen" email and I will be tickled pink.