Monday, February 09, 2009

Notes from NJ

1)  I hate when people do air quotes.  It makes me want to very viciously bite off and then ptui contemptuously spit the fingers at their feet .
2)  Tom has been waging a mighty and fierce battle with our rodent enemy in the basement.  He likens it to the Star Wars Clone Wars.  The mice just keep coming, one after another. 
3)  Alas, football is over.  The Pro Bowl was last night.  Now we must say goodbye to our weekly visits with Chris Berman and Tom Jackson and Coach Ditka. 
4)  Facebook continues to enthrall me.  Just this past weekend I reconnected with my Cousin Bob, who lives in Germany.
5)  Anybody else going to watch the Housewives of NYC? I can't wait for the next season!!


Ami said...

1) I'll have to keep this in mind if we ever meet in person. I'd hate to have our first meeting involve severed fingers and an emergency room.

4) I'm starting to get nervous that I'm going to regret friending so many people from so many different pockets of my life. It can't possibly be good to have current professional friends reading from a friend from college about our escapades, can it?

Sanna said...

why do you hate air quotes?

Jenster said...

I LOVE the Housewives of NYC! I would love to see them in a grudge match with the housewives from Orange County and Atlanta. Those NYC bitches would tear the rest of them apart using only their nails, spits and sharp looks.

I see your point about air quotes. They were cute once but now that my 8-year-old uses them, that fad needs to go.

Jen said...

I have recently discovered Facebook and it is definitely a fun little distraction, except when someone you didn't really want to keep in touch with finds you. Then it's just a moral dilemma... apporove or ignore. Argh.

I don't really have an opinion on air quotes but I will say I think one of the funniest Friends episodes was when Joey didn't know how to use air quotes correctly. Hilarious!

Melody said...

My mother has caught 11 mice this winter in her house. Must be a plague.

Ami said...

You win! I've given you an award on my blog. Just because you're you and I like you that way.