Tuesday, February 03, 2009

so betwixt the two, they licked the platter clean

Last week we got KFC. 


Original chicken and two sides – mac and cheese and coleslaw.


As usual, we ate in front of the TV.


Tom, who had imbibed several beers, became drowsy and passed out on the couch, leaving his plate of half-eaten food on the coffee table.


I was engrossed in a movie and wasn't paying much attention to my surroundings until I heard the unmistakable sounds of slurping. 


I looked over and there was our cat Althea, precariously perched on the coffee table, madly licking away at the macaroni and cheese.  I shooed her away and went back to watching my movie.


When the movie was finished I went to bed.


The next evening, while Tom and I were discussing our day, I told him how much Althea enjoyed licking the mac and cheese off his plate. 


A funny look came over his face as he admitted that when he woke up in the wee hours and saw his plate of food still on the coffee table he proceeded to eat the rest of his dinner, cat spit and all!!


Misty said...

ewww... but funny.

Jenster said...

If it makes your husband feel better, I have a similar but dirtier story. I can't really give details, but it involves whipped cream, a sexual act, and some unaware family member eating the leftover whipped cream later.

You're welcome!