Thursday, January 21, 2010


Can I just tell you all how so over my job I am right now?

I don’t even want to go into work anymore.

I have a treacherous co-worker, a boss with a too quick temper and a new office manager that needs to grow a pair.

I’m THISCLOSE to polishing up my resume, cleaning out my desk and calling it a day.


Steph said...

I used to try and imagine really silly things happening to the co-workers I hated, like getting hit with a tanker-truck spill of Jell-o when they were driving home. It only marginally helped my teeth-grinding hatred of them.

Ami said...

I always say that an up-to-date resume is like an open-ended ticket. You can take a trip whenever you like.

Brush up that resume whether you decide to leave or not. You never know when opportunities might arise for something new!

And good luck. I can totally relate to that feeling.

ojamam said...

Who dis 'treacherous' person? Who dis maddog boss and Sally Supervisor? You tell-a me and I break-a dere heads. Doan mess wit' my big sis.

"Is your life's path strewn with cowpats from the Devil's own satanic herd? Contact today: Black Adder Solutions has technicians standing by to help you. "

Susanna said...

do it!
and btw, ojamam's post is HI-Larry-Us!

PhantomMinuet said...

Bless your heart.