Wednesday, September 21, 2005

root canal

Yesterday I went to the dentist regarding my miserable toothache. The dentist, Dr. Duryea told me that theh pain I was feeling was nerve pain and the best thing to do was to have a root canal. So I girded up my loins and agreed to it. Two hours later my mouth was numb but the tooth was repaired. The decay was very bad. The dental assistant told me it was one of the worst she had ever smelled. That's right....smelled. You could smell the decay when the dentist drilled into the tooth.

This was the third root canal I've had since May. Obviously I did not take good care of my teeth. So now I'm waiting for the dental insurance to kick in so that I can get crowns. And then I'll be done. and very poor. I've spent thousands of dollars on my teeth. And to think I could have had the whole interior of the house painted instead!!!!

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