Monday, September 12, 2005

it's football season

Once again football season is upon us. My friend Suzanne from Dyer and I are doing our football picks every week. She is a Jets fan and had an unhappy opening day. I'm sure they will recover. We are Giants fans at our house and were over the moon with the Giants performance. Let's hope they can keep it up all season.

The one bad thing about football is the that the Sunday night games are broadcast on ESPN and we have to listen to the blatherings of Joe Theisman all night. I recognize that he is very knowledgeable about the great game of football but I iwish he would just shut the hell up!!!! If I hear one more time about his "personal experience".......

In other sports related news, I finally watched the movie "The Natural" with Robert Redford. WHY haven't I seen this movie before!?! It was excellent. The story kept me riveted. I think I'm falling a little in love with Robert Redford! Kim Basinger was dreadful. I can't believe that years later the Academy gave her an Oscar. I guess she must have improved with age. I also saw Mr. Bean - The Movie. I have enjoyed Rowan Atkinson as the Black Adder for years. Mr. Bean while also funny is a bit too juvenile for my taste. These movies were on my Netflix queue. Next up on the queue....."To Dance with the White Dog" with husband and wife team of Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy and "Waiting for Guffman" a Christopher Guest movie. I've seen Spinal Tap and Best In Show and A Mighty Wind. I hope this one will be just as good as those.

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