Tuesday, December 12, 2006

and she's up!!

On Monday I opened my mailbox and what did my wondering eye spy but a package addressed to I.

Ok, poor grammar.

But it rhymed.

It was another package from (quickly becoming infamous) Sanna.

Since there was no accompanying email forbidding me to open before Christmas, I proceeded to rip it open.

Much to my disappointment, it was a CD.

My CD.

From a three CD pack entitled "music to watch girls by”

Sanna insisted that I loan it to her so she could copy it.

I am SO kidding. I left it at her house when we had our joint yard sale in May. She hates the CD . At least that is what she says. I personally think she was secretly listening to it all this time.

She hates the CD so very badly, that she wrapped it in a ripped up Kashi cereal box (for added support is my guess), bundled it into a padded envelope, addressed it to me, paid $1.56 in shipping and sent it on its merry way.

Without a note.

No explanation. Not even a little scrawl on the Kashi box.


And yet I thoughtfully IM'd her that day to thank her for returning the CD.

You see….when somebody sends you something it’s only polite to acknowledge receipt of the gift.


In October, I packaged up some little gifties to send to various friends and family. Let me at this time itemize what and to whom I sent things:

1) Thanksgiving themed dishtowels and a note to my friend Robbie in CA
2) Thanksgiving themed dishtowels and a garland made of fake birdsnests (trust me it was cute) and a note to my friend Ginger
3) Two 2ft candy corn lights for putting on a front porch at Halloween and note to my sister-in-law Jenny
4) A little votive candle holder in the shape of a bird and scented votive candles and a note to Sanna.

Two weeks went by.

Halloween came and went

And suddenly I realized that I hadn’t received any responses.

Finally Robbie IM’d me to say “thank you”. She had been on vacation.

Then there were three.

Unable to resist it any longer, I casually asked Sanna if she had ever received a package from me. She immediately fell all over herself with explanations and apologies for her oversight.

Then there were two.

I heard through the family grapevine that not only did Jenny receive the candy corn lights but she put them out on her front porch for Halloween.

I’m sure after Jenny reads this she will immediately apologize and offer some lame-ass excuse about working full-time, traveling for her job and being a mother to an active 18mo little boy and not having the time to write/IM me (even though we IM nearly every day!!)

But I will graciously accept her apology, cause I’m good like that.

Then there will be one.

Ginger….haven’t heard hide nor hair from her but I’ll keep you posted.

The moral of this story?

Never, ever send gifts to Sanna, Jenny or Ginger and expect a thank you.

But, send Robbie a gift and she’ll thank you and MIGHT even send you a hand-written note. Her mother brought her up right.

Afterthought: I realize that so baldly pointing out their obvious lack of social graces might not endear me to Sanna, Jenny and Ginger. But I want you three to know, even though you didn’t see fit to acknowledge the wonderful, thoughtful gifts that I dug out of my basement and sent you, this will not deter me from sending you future gifts. That’s just the kind of girl I

Also, if any of you whiney butts are crying into your keyboards wondering why Jen didn't send YOU anything, just wait until after Christmas. I 'm sure I'm going to get stuff that I can regift!!


mannyed said...

Um, how did you know I was wondering where my little gifts were. I don't necessary care so much about getting the thank you, its more about letting me know it actually got there.

Don't worry, Jen's friends...you can redeem yourself on the next gift :o)

Anonymous said...

I /so/ got you up.


Jenny, the Bad Sis-in-law said...

I cannot believe that I forgot to send a thank you note! Have I ever not sent one any other time???? I actually forced Chris to put them outside that day (Big Bill helped him) and then we had to buy a new bulb for one of the candy corns that wasn't lighting up! Hah!

kay said...

Wow. This post must have made you feel better in sooooooo many ways, not the least of which was just finally getting it up.

And by the way? *I'm* still waiting for a cheap-but-lovely Christmas card from someone who shall remain nameless -- but whose initials are JEN.

Good to have you up and kickin'.

Beth said...

I ALWAYS say thank you....So Manny and I are waiting. Dont make us wait long, kay?

Glad you are no longer limp.

njaney said...

Glad to see you're up!

...and yes, I'm back, would never run away from blogland never ever ever.

I'm trying to get a visual of the birds nest thingy.

Cindy said...

Are you saying "regift" like it's wrong? I have a whole box of gifts just waiting for a "regiftee".

I get so annoyed when people can't even say thanks, let alone acknowledge it in writing. Where are their manners anyway?