Monday, December 04, 2006


the package from was on my doorstep when I got home from work on Friday.

I resisted the temptation to open it but did shake it furiously in a vain attempt to ascertain what exactlywas in the package. I’m hoping it’s a book from my wish list. You see, I have an wish list and I COULD go to the wish list and see what has been purchased, but that would be cheating and spoil the fun of anticipation.

so i CERTAINLY am not going to open it and then pretend to be surprised, Cousin Miah and Cousin Mike!!! Nona would be ashamed of you!

Finally saw Brokeback Mountain and a few impressions of the movie

1) The mountain scenery was BEAUTIFUL
2) Jake Gyllenhaal and his doe –eyed glances from under his cowboy-hat wear a little thin after a while
3) Michelle Williams leaves me cold

This movie is done an injustice every time it is called a “gay cowboy” movie As I was watching the movie (without the hypocritical slightly homophobic presence of himself), it suddenly came to me that this story of jack twist and ennis del mar is really a universal story. the two main characters could have just as easily been two women or two people with ethnic or religious differences that are denied expression of their true love.

and this gentleman says exactly what I cannot express: “The movie tells a small-scale, narrowly delineated story, specific to these individual characters in their time and place, that makes no overt political claims…..”


mannyed said...

Would it help if I looked at your Amazon Wish List and told you what was purchased? That's not the same as you peeking, right?

Anonymous said...

I ordered a gift to be delivered on 12/24 for son. Little did I know it would take 365 days from then to arrive. Kid you not, it took exactly one year. At least he still wanted it...

kay said...

So much for that intestinal fortitude, eh?

I like mannyed's idea. It really does seem like the only reasonable solution to this problem.

I have yet to see the movie. It's on my to-do list for some afternoon when I'm alone. I figure I'll be watching it when I'm about 80: once Husband has entered the nursing home and the boys have FINALLY left home.

Anonymous said... was only a suggestion! I had to do that one time and I was completely innocent! I got a birthday box in the mail from a friend and naturally I opened it! She never told me I couldn't, but then I email her and tell her I got it and she calls me and says I am ONLY allowed to open it if I do it while she is on the phone. OH DEAR! WHAT DO I DO?!! I already opened everything!! So...what would YOU have done?

Anonymous said...

when i see you type 'anticipation' i think immediately of Tim Curry as Franken furter in Rocky Horror saying 'Antici pation'


kilowatthour said...

oooh, gifties! so fun.

i never saw brokeback mountain, because the notion of a movie about infedelity and heartbreak kinds of makes me sad before i watch it. so i probably won't.

Anonymous said...

Is it open yet???? because I would have opened it already. Dont resist...just open it. DO IT. DO IT now. Cant you hear the present calling you???