Friday, December 08, 2006

wherein jen begins to question her blog virility

I'm suffering from blog impotence.

I just can'’t get it up.

I start out to write something witty and compelling and then ......blooop, it goes all soft.

Do they make a Viagra for this?


Jess said...

Kids: "Mom, what's so funny?"

Mom: "Oh, that Miss Jenn is just too much".

Mihai: "Viagra, NO... Scotch, Yes"

ami said...

Don't think about performing, just do it. I hear that helps. :)

Anonymous said...

Jennifer you have followers...just write and we shall read!

Anonymous said...

You could do the "6 werd things meme" that I tagged for like a YEAR ago!! thats just a thought.

Ooh, and dont worry it happens to everyone...its okay.

kay said...

Ah! Beth stole my comment! I'll do it anyway.

"It's OK, Jen; it happens to everyone. I don't mind at all, really! Oh, of course I still love you..."

Is that enough strokin'?

Anonymous said...

coffee + chocolate = blog viagra