Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Over or Under?

Our office has a water cooler.

Our office has four women.

What happens when you put the two together?

You have an office full of women who need to pee.

A lot.

An office full of peeing women = many bathroom trips

Many trips to the bathroom to the bathroom = inordinate amounts of toilet paper used.

In our office when the toilet paper needs to be changed, it gets changed. No questions asked, no leaving a tiny smidgen on the roll rather than changing it, leaving the next person in the awkward position of having to scramble off the pot with her pants around her ankles to get a new roll out of the linen closet. But I digress.

The only problem is, when the one girl changes it, she always puts the new roll on going over rather than under. This distresses me so very much that I have to change the roll to the under position. It is only then that I can pee in peace.

How do you roll?


jenontheedge said...

Over -- and I change rolls that go under, as they disturb me greatly.

Erin said...

Over. I guess I grew up that way, and that's how I put it. Each to their own.

mk99 said...

Over, definitely. It is one of my pet peeves to find a roll going under.

This may be the first step to proving we weren't separated at birth.

i am p. said...

OH NO. you are an UNDER roller???

tsk tsk tsk.

my husband is an under roller. and i ALWAYS switch it back to over. more control over quantity of squares that way.

based on your other comments, i see i am not alone. do you feel your world has been shaken now?

Misty said...

Over... under annoys the CRAP out of me...

Anonymous said...

i am an ambiroller. don't care if it's over or under, as long as it's there. but if i stop to think about it, my mother prefers over because that way it isn't running down the wall. i did not know this aobut her until 2 years ago when i explicitly asked out of curiousity. this means that for the 18 years (plus some boomerang time)that i lived under her roof - i never noticed.
however, currently i have not yet remounted the tp holder in my house since my bathroom renovations, so the roll stands up on the sink until it gets thin enough to stand on the windowsill (closer to the pot).

PhantomMinuet said...

I'm an over, too. ;-)

nejyerf said...

i guess the cheese stands alone

mandolyn said...

Over, but only for TP. Paper towels go under. I have no reasoning.

Teacher Bee said...

I'm over. It's easier to find the end that way.