Friday, April 18, 2008

Pansies and birthdays

Last night my husband brought me an early birthday present.

A hanging basket of yellow pansies.

He knows pansies are my favorite spring-time flower.

And he also reminded me that this is the time of year when I’m usually in the throes of an MS exacerbation.

He said it out loud so please knock on wood that he hasn’t jinxed me!

Speaking of birthdays……don’t forget you are all invited to my birthday blogparty on April 22nd. If you want to bring a dish, please email me the picture at so that I can add it to the menu and put it out for people to see.

Melody will be catering and she’s promised to invent a drink just for the occasion.

A Nejyerftini.

All suggestions for the drink will be taken under advisement.

Make sure you put on your best bib and tucker for the party. Since it is virtual, you can wear whatever you like, only you must describe it when you come in the door.

I myself, will be wearing my posh frock. It is orange and sparkly. You’ll see it on Tuesday.

Have a mahvelous weekend!!


Betsy said...

Should we go green for the blessed event as it falls on Earth Day?

BTW- we almost share a birthday. Mine is the 21st!

Anonymous said...

I've got to start going through my recipes now!

Betsy said...

31, Jen.

And remember that orange gift that I was going to send to you from the Mall of America but it broke? Well, I went there again today, and they are all out of the orange vases!!!!!! I was tres disappointed because I was going to buy one for myself, too.

I'll see what other treasures there are in orange.

glove said...

Would it be incredibly selfish of me to hope that I miss it, because it would be my son's birthday?

I don't think this will happen. But I would absolutely love it.