Thursday, July 03, 2008

For your information

Just because I'm at work today doesn't mean that I'm actually going to be productive.
I'm just going to sit in my little cubicle and make it sound as though I'm typing up a storm, when I'm really posting to my blog, via email, (mustn't surf the web you know!!!!)
Then I'm going to get up for a glass of water from the water cooler frequently. Which will also enable me to make periodic trips to the bathroom
Then I'm going to go out to the warehouse to get a box to send a sample.  Then I'll tape it up.  And let it sit conspicuously on my desk to let everyone know that I'm sending out a sample.  We'll see if it actually goes out.
Then I'm going to check my personal email a dozen times.  So if you have my personal email address feel free to email me.  I respond, and it will sound like I'm doing more work.
Then I'm going to get up to make a copy.
Then I'm going to go file something. Just one thing.
Then I'm going to get the lunch menus and ask everyone if they want to order out.  Then I'll place the order.  Then I'll eat lunch.
Then I'm going to sit at my desk and shuffle papers loudly and officiously. 
Then I'm going to staple. Only one piece of paper to itself. Over and over again. But it will sound busy.
Then I'm going to make a few phone calls to people I know aren't in today and leave voice mails so that it sounds like I'm on the phone.
Then I'm going to water the plants. .
Then I'll shred some paper. One piece of paper at a time.
I would IM with Sanna and my SIL but they are apparently off today, lucky bastards.
Anything else I can do to waste time? It's almost noon. I've got 5 more hours to kill. All suggestions will be taken under advisement.


Erin said...

That sounds like a great plan. Sounds like my days back when I worked in an office : ) Try and look busy and really you're just killing seconds until you can go home! Good luck with that!

Ami said...

I'm doing much of the same, only I'm able to surf the internet and no one is the wiser. Of course, that just means reading blogs and checking my email incessantly. Ugh! And it's not as if I don't have work to do, either.

Michael C said...

Well, sheesh.....I have emailed you many times and never did receive a response. Have you possibly turned over a new leaf since then?

Cousin Mike

i am p. said...

oh my. my my my my my. what a full day ahead of you! skirting around work takes great vigilance! i applaud your valor.

(i realize july 3 is over, but on a different day you would like some alternative work, i would suggest logging shirts of coworkers and passersby: stripes, solids, prints. this activity got me through many unholy district meetings.)

Teacher Bee said...

That would drive me crazy! Sometimes I wish I was back working in an office environment and then I remember those days when I've got nothing important to do but need to feel productive. That's when I start reorganizing my workspace and cleaning the breakroom.