Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Thoughts

1) I've only just realized that I never ever use the right shift key.  The "shift" on the left shift key is slowly being worn off.
2) I'm wearing a shirt that has some spandex in it and it is moulded to my fat rolls and making me mildly uncomfortable with its snugness
3) Did I tell you that I saw Mama Mia last weekend with my best good friend Ginger?  Meryl Streep was awesomeness personified.  I do think however, that they should have put a warning label on that both watching and listening to Pierce Brosnan sing was going to be painful.  But I thought that he owned his awful singing.
4) I think Canadians must be the single-most politest people on the planet.  Every time I email my Canadian customer a price quote or a document he requested, he always responds with a thank you and a much appreciated.  
5) I prefer to sign my business letters with a black pen as compared to a blue.  Which do you like?


Allknowingjen said...

Oh I do SO want to go see Mama Mia! Thanks for the warning about Pierce B. though... It's best if I expect the badness ahead of time. Maybe I will try to catch it this weekend.

I use both blue and black interchangeably depending on what I grab, but I think that blue makes it look more "personal" and like you really did sign it instead of a computer printing of your signature. So if it's important to look that way, I use blue.

Ami said...

1) I'm a pretty equal-opportunity shift-key user.
2) Don't let the spandex make you self-conscious. Own it, sister!
3) Saw it last weekend with my mom. Love it! PB said he's never sung before but had fun doing it (both are completely obvious, as you mentioned).
4) I've always thought Canadians were nice. Lived very near the border while growing up and ran into my fair share of Canadian tourists. Very nice.
5) I'm definitely a black pen girl.

Betsy said...

Black seems so much more professional. And I prefer Uniball pens. The ink just glides out. It reminds me of an old-fashioned fountain pen. And it IS school supply season- my idea of heaven. Really, how many notebooks do I need? But the stacks and boxes, and their spiral-bound perfection just make me want to buy a couple every time I go to the store.

glove said...

1. I have NEVER noticed. Never. I am trying to pay attention as I type this and I think I must use the left one? Let me try some more . . . HI23%#*(s. nope. The left one every time. Hmmm.
2. I feel that way about every article of clothing I own just now. It leaves you feeling mildly gross all day, kind of like unwashed, am I right?
3. I luv me some Meryl. Had heard that about Pierce as well.
4. Um, sure I guess . . . can't really speak to this one either way.
5. Blue. Or purple if I'm feelin' fancy.

Erin said...

I saw Mama Mia last night and I had to keep clapping my hand over my mouth and holding onto the chair arm to keep from breaking out in song and dance. I think the people behind me were happy to see us go : ) LOVED it!

Canadian's are fairly polite, eh? I can say that cause I am one! : )

Blue. Always blue pens. I will change pens if I pick up a black one.