Monday, July 07, 2008

Holiday Recap

In case you are at all interested.....the boss surprised us on Thursday by closing the office at 3pm.  I was so busy planning out my day of procrastination that the few things I really needed to get done weren't done, so I ended up not leaving until 3:30.  Wasn't that a bite in the ass?!?
It was reasonable weather here in NJ.  A little damp and muggy. But not that bone-crushing, spirit-sapping heat that usually accompanies July 4th.
Tom and I also celebrated the 4th by having some fireworks ourselves, when we had an unhappy contretemps over why I am so bone idle that I can't take the garbage to the curb once in a while. I shed some tears and made a heartfelt albeit completely empty promise to try and be more helpful in the garbage removal area and things continued in a happier vein.
In honor of July 4th, we watched a PBS documentary called "The Revolution".  I was amazed at how much I didn't know about our country's fight for independence.  Which proves two points: 1) I didn't  pay attention in American History class  2) Mr. Brennar was a suck-ass history teacher.
Another marathon weekend. This time it was  Law & Order: SVU.  So I spent an enjoyable afternoon watching Benson and Stabler and Munch and Finn and Capt. Cragen fight crime.  There is not nearly enough of Stabler with his shirt off.


34 Years said...

I'm a big fan of marathons. Shows I've marathoned in the past include:

- Project Runway
- Top Model
- Tori and Dean Inn Love

and other random MTV-ish, Lifetime shows I forget about until it's 10AM on a Saturday and I'm mindlessly flipping through the channels...

Melody said...

you crack me up, as usual