Friday, January 09, 2009

the perfect letter

I prefer to write rather than print.
My little 3yr old niece Verna can print better than I.
Truthfully my writing is not much better, but it has greatly improved since my high school days.
It always affords me great satisfaction when I can make a perfect looking letter.
In particular the letter "J".
When I pen the perfect "J" I always stop for a moment to bask in the glow of a well-executed letter. 
Which perfect letter makes you happy? 
Or am I the only one who gets all giddy over something this simple?


Misty said...

honestly, it's my J. When I was in love with a boy named james, my senior year of high school- I would spend hours and hours creating and designing a "J" that would somehow contain my feelings and admiration for him.
I still make my J's the very same way- though I think everything else about my penmanship has changed.

Gina (Mannyed) said...

I love my script "G". Sooo fancy!

Anonymous said...

The "W" written in cursive. My very best friend in grammer school had the most exceptional penmanship. I used to practice everynight so I could write as pretty as she did. Her last named began with a W and when I finally mastered her technique for that particular letter I was ecstatic.


Erin said...

I just wish I could write beautifully. My writing starts out okay and then it deteriorates quickly as my hand tires. My writing has never been nice. I watch my mom write and I'm in awe of her letters perfect curves. I aspire to be that talented :)

Sanna said...

I worked so hard on my S, J and K. I probably spent a few months around the age of 15 designing out my signature - I always hated the traditionally cursive captial S so I worked out my own hybrid signature. The SJK initials are distinct and clear. I remember my dad gave me some sound advice; make a signature that you can always sign and always recognize, and memorize your social security number at an early age. Both have stood me in good stead.

jenny said...

I love a good s.

Jenster said...

You can tell from my handwriting what kind of day I'm having, but even on a good day it's not great. I never had great handwriting and it got worse in college when I had to take notes quickly. (This was back in the Stone Ages before laptops.) Even today, I prefer to type over writing.

However, I do enjoy a good capital J. There's something about us J's, isn't there?

34 Years said...

My writing is horrible. A bad mix of capitals where they don't belong, script and print. Barely legible.

Too much time on the keyboard I guess!