Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I just wanted to take a moment out of a crazy busy day to let you know that I placed an order with
Sanna introduced us. 
I am in heaven! 
I got 5, count them, 5 pairs of shoes. 
Extravagant I know, but when you consider that I've been wearing the same pair of sneakers for almost two years it evens out.
One pair is orange and white.
For anyone who is still checking out Calling Dr. Bombay, Aunt Benita asked me "What did you get for Christmas that was orange?"
I personally received tangerine colored and flavored lip gloss from my sister.
But the bigger orange thing was the orange toaster oven that I got for Tom. 
He has been moaning for months that we needed a toaster oven and I have been resisting.  But when I saw the orange one at I just had to have it.


G Love said...

I am still following along! And I am NOT going to check out this Zappos place, because the last thing I need is more TEMPTATION.

Knitting Kris said...

I love Zappos - the shipping is so fast, I even get it in one day from them, and we all know I live in the middle of nowhere. Instant gratification!
PS - if the shoes don't fit correctly, you can send them back (they provide free shipping back to them), and reorder the right size, or pick another pair. What's not to love?

Melody said...

Welcome back stranger! Missed you.

Yes, we love Zappos. It actually is about 30 minutes from my house AND has an outlet. Come on down and we'll go!

Now you need an orange Kitchen Aid.

PhantomMinuet said...

Hey! Orange and white are the colors of my alma mater. :-)

Jenster said...

My girlfriend is a Zappos addict. I can't go to the site because I don't need a new vice.

Ami said...

Yay for shoes! Yay for orange toasters!

But I have to ask, what color is your kitchen?

34 Years said...

Zappos rocks!

That's all...

34 Years said...

Zappos rocks!

That's all...