Tuesday, March 27, 2007

cooking meat

When my mother was a little girl, children were not privy to adult conversations. That did not stop Mum and her sisters’ from hanging around the adults trying to overhear a choice bit of gossip.

One day while visiting with Uncle Don (grandpa’s brother) and his wife, Aunt Lorraine, the conversation turned to a topic not meant for little ears.

Nona and Aunt Lorraine were engaged in conversation when Aunt Lorraine abruptly got up and said “Come into the kitchen with me Elva, while I cook the meat.”

This piqued my mother and her sisters’ curiosity and they followed their mother into the kitchen only to be shooed out.

Obviously, this was an “adult’s only” conversation.

Thus the legend of “cooking meat” was born and to this day, when my mum and one of her sisters’ need to speak of something private they say are “cooking meat”. They’ve even shortened it to just “cook meat”. As in, when my Mum needs to talk to Aunt Debra about something important and juicy she’ll call her up and simply say “Debra, we need to cook some meat”.

And so it continues….

It was a Christmastime that I had my first adult experience with “cooking meat”.

I was at my father-in-law’s house for a family meal. After the meal, my sister-in-law and I lingered at the table desultorily chatting about our lives. I began to notice that we were speaking in lowered tones, and whenever a family member would drift into the room we would cease what we were currently talking about and begin speaking about something general.

It didn’t occur to me until I was driving home late that evening that I was carrying on the proud tradition of cooking meat.

Yet another sign that I am a “grown-up”


Jess said...

My sister is a vegan... i guess we have to talk brocolli, or edamame??

Jen said...

I loved that story! And let's face it, cooking meat stories are the best ones, so being an adult ain't that bad!

Beth said...

at least you get to "cook meat" now! I love being an adult most of the time!

njaney said...

Hey Jersey!!

I just got your gift in the mail today- could you be any nicer? sweeter?? I LOVE it!! I'm already filling it out...maybe years from now I'll dust it off and bore you with our details :)

Thank you lady!! Very thoughtful!

...and of course, it goes without saying...but I am glad that you are cooking the meat...

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Anonymous said...

Jen... if you cook meat too long it becomes tough and no one will eat it... when are you going to post again... i need a funny...

Jen said...

Where art thou? I miss ya, and I don't even know you!