Thursday, March 08, 2007

good idea?

was eating the rest of my chicken with cashew nuts (from Saturday) chasing it with two butterscotch krimpets and washing down the whole disgusting mess with a flat root beer really the wisest decision at 10:30 on a thursday night?

tune in tomorrow morning for the results.

me and my grossly distended belly are going to bed now.


Bethydiane said...

Couldn't be worse than eating leftovers left in a car overnight in the middle of summer in Florida...

Jen said...

Well, I can't imagine eating anything like that right now since I am on a weight loss plan,,, the flat rootbeer actually sounds yummy! That's the only way I used to drink soda as a kid, it couldn't have any fizz in it at all!

kay said...

Um, I don't know if it's the WISEST decision, but it's probably the same one I'd have made, if that's any consolation.

Also? I don't know what butterscotch krimpets are? But they sound delicious, and totally worthy.

And a question: Did you wake up STARVING the next morning? I always do, after a night like that.