Tuesday, March 06, 2007

a touch scatological but nonetheless of great personal interest……

Am I the only person who feels as though I am missing something vital and important after having had a really good poop?


Just thought I’d ask.

And know this, that in my house, it is perfectly acceptable (if not an actual requirement) to announce with great satisfaction "i just had the BEST poop" upon exiting the bathroom.

We also recommend using air freshener.

Just as a courtesy.


Jenny said...

A sigh of relief is usually sufficient for me.

mannyed said...

and ladies and gentlemen, there you have it, the secret of how to keep the spark in a marriage!

kay said...

What the hell happened here in the top comment?

Anyway, I also find it perfectly acceptable to call onlookers into the bathroom, should they actually wish to SEE the best poop ever.

I'm like Jesus like that.