Thursday, March 22, 2007


I am so TIRED of my winter wardrobe. I am wearing an outfit today that I loathe. But I was too lazy to iron the outfit that I REALLY wanted to wear.

The radio station that we are currently listening to claims that the music that they play is “fresh”. Then they proceed to play such fresh music as Ace of Base “I Saw The Sign” But ANYTHING is better than the dreaded Columbian music.

Mark you calendars. In exactly one month it will be my 35th birthday. If you forget, never fear, I will give you periodic reminders.

Last night I did a grocery run and purchased among other things a 6 pack of Fruit2O, peach and strawberry flavored. The peach is gross. But that is neither here nor there. I bought this stuff because I know that my husband enjoyed it when we were out in IN visiting his sister. When I told him that I bought some more, JUST FOR HIM. He informed me that it is Propel that he likes not Fruit2O and that “you really don’t know me at all.”



I don’t know him at all?

After 13 years of marriage??

What an ass.

Moving on……still not liking my outfit.

I can’t bring myself to watch American Idol. I try. Really I do. But it’s just too painful. Although, I’m intrigued by the guy who is so in love with his hair. He loves his hair ALMOST as much as Simon loves his own chest. Have you ever noticed how much Simon caresses his chest?

Word I am currently liking “ Vast”

I’ve put the Oreos aside and am enjoying “Vienna Fingers”. Mostly because they were on sale 50% off.

REALLY not liking the peach Fruit2O. I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish it.


Jenny said...

Fruit2O has once again entered my life. I cannot swallow still water while pregnant. The grape is okay, but the raspberry is the best.

Bethydiane said...

Ick... I haven't found a flavored water that I've enjoyed. No, take that back, in high school I would get Clearly Canadian sparkling water at coffee shops because at that time I hated coffee.

Ooooh, I LIKE Ace of Base. Their music is funtastic!

NJaney said...

I only like lemon Fruit 2O. The Man likes all others, so it's a nice balance. The grape reminds me of Dimetapp.

35! I'm off to Hallmark...

mandolyn said...

I'm going to really need a full report on these "vienna fingers." Because seriously, if something can put Oreo's in the backseat, well, I'm all ears.

Is this peach crap artificially sweetened? I can't get into flavored water. Or flavored cokes (with the obvious cherry exception). Or fruity tea. Mr. Mandolyn laughs at me and agrees that I am a "beverage purist." Still, I'm with you on the Peach Sucks campaign purely on principle.