Friday, June 13, 2008

Stranger In My House - Ronnie Milsap

Today’s selection – Stranger in My House – by Ronnie Milsap, has more truth in it than you can imagine.

Earlier in the week, Althea our huntress of a cat, carried in yet another live beastie. It was small and black, I know this because I watched the poor creature make a mad dash for freedom out the back door. Only he didn’t realized that it was a sliding screen door. He bounced off the screen, collected himself and scurried for safety under the jelly cupboard.

Who knows were he went after that, except that Althea kept guard on something underneath the sofa.

I would like to think that the vole, for that is what Tom determined it was based on my description, found an escape hatch somewhere and is back out in the wilderness where he belongs.

Otherwise at some point very soon, I am going to unexpectedly come across his desiccated corpse and have to call in rodent removal AKA Tom Bergman.

This version of Stranger In My House is with the Los Lonely Boys.


Anonymous said...

Eewww. That's much worse than the baby possum that took up residence in the drain hole outside the laundry room.

The sad/bad part was that it died in there but I had to wait 2 days to make sure because I wasn't sticking my hand down there to pull it out until I was sure it was dead. Those little suckers have very sharp teeth and play dead really well.


smtwngrl said...

Another oldie but goodie. I'm starting to see a House/Home play list for my iPod in the near future.

My cat left me a nice treat like this once. I didn't know it, though, until I finally tracked down the odd smell and found a perfectly intact, but utterly rigid, little mouse. I'm guessing Gizmo played with it until it had a heart attack.

Nan said...

That was a great corralation! And, this video from CMT's Crossroads that aired three years ago is how and when I discovered the fantastic Los Lonely Boys and have since been their biggest fan!

Fun to watch again. :)

Melody said...

What is it "Omaha's Wild Kingdom" at your house?