Thursday, February 04, 2010

Colombian necktie

My co-worker...the treacherous, can't be trusted one. She is Colombian.

Over the years I have learned it is best not to cross her. She is always right and let us just say that we could never have a reasonable discussion wherein I might happen to point out that she is wrong, wrong, wrong. The conversation would quickly escalate to a yelling (on her part) match.

I live in fear and dread that one day I might wake up with a Colombian necktie.

A Colombian necktie is a method of execution where the victim's throat is slashed (with a knife or other sharp object) and their tongue is pulled out through the open wound. It was a frequent method of killing during the Colombian history period called La Violencia that started in 1948 after the leader Jorge Eliecer Gaitan was murdered.

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