Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Tongue tied

Sometimes I get so tongue-tied when I'm trying to explain something to my boss that everything comes out bass ackwards and I'm sure he walks away wondering why he's paying me the big bucks.

Today was no exception.

If he would just give me the chance to explain without jumping to conclusions we might have a smoother time of it.

Just once I would like to hold up my hand and say very firmly, "Let me finish my sentence, if you please!"


ojamam said...

Go to the library and get "The One-Minute Manager" --the original, not one of the spin-offs. Can't do much for your boss, but might help you.

Sanna said...

do just that - stop, say, this will really be much better if we allow me to finish my sentence. thanks.

Anonymous said...

In a polite way, just say that "If you'll allow me to finish, I think you'll better understand what I'm saying."

Of course, if he's anything like my former boss, he won't hear you anyway.