Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hair tie

Today I would have given my kingdom for a hair tie, ribbon, rubber band, barrette, bobby pin, ANYTHING to get my hair up off my face.

I'm growing my hair out and the bangs are just too MUCH!!

In another month or so it should be long enough to tuck behind my ear, but right now I have to suffer with it flopping in my eyes.

I feel like an English sheep dog.



Anonymous said...

I don't usually make it until it grows out. I'll cut it to ease the frustration.

ojamam said...

Beat the white of one egg to stiff points. Apply to hair with a comb (see also: Dapper Dan man George Clooney in O Brother Where Art Thou.) Style as desired; dry to concrete in front of fan. Washes out . . . eventually.

Steph said...

See, I grew my hair out, and now I'm considering long bangs again, like side-bangs. Perhaps I should just leave well enough alone...