Tuesday, May 27, 2008

catching up

This morning I woke up with a sense of foreboding. 
It could have been because I was going back to work after a lovely three day weekend OR it could have been the Big Mac that I ate at 9pm, followed by the large DQ root beer float.
I saw Indiana Jones on Thursday.  Honestly?  I could have waited for it to come out on pay-per-view.
In other news, last week I was suffering.  Not the lack of internet access both at work and at home while I was waiting for my laptop to be repaired kind of suffering.  But physical suffering.  For all last week I was living with a pimple up in my left nostril.
It was painful to the touch on the outside and was causing my nose to swell most unbecomingly and precluding me from flaring my nostrils, as I am a master nostril flarer. 
The swelling has since subsided but the memory still lingers.  
Yesterday I spent the day cutting out the UPC code from 100 empty bags of mulch. These bags were scrunched up, wet and in some cases, moldy.  But my husband informed me that we would get a 40¢ rebate for each one.  If you are doing your math that is $40.00.  Which will just about buy me a tank of gas.
During the holiday, I finished two books. A John Sandford "Prey" novel and Sushi for Beginners by Marian Keyes.  I also watched the movie Juno.  I recommend it.  And you know....Jason Bateman...quite yummy. 
Sunday morning my other best good friend Ginger, called me at 9am.  We talked and talked until well after 12pm.  It is a good thing my husband had already gone out for the day, because I fear he wouldn't understand how I could talk for three hours straight.  The sad part?  In the three hours that we talked, I could have jumped in my car and driven all the way out to PA to visit with her face to face.   
Halfway through our marathon chat-fest I had to pee and this is how good a friend Ginger is.....she continued to talk with me even as I did my business and flushed.  I  gave her warning first though.
Hey listen we've all done it.  That is the beauty of a cordless phone!!
And finally, I want to say that for those of you who have blogs I did read all of your blogs over the weekend  But there is no way I could comment on all of them.  Just know that I was reading and enjoying.  And now that the laptop has returned, I'm back in the saddle again and will comment like crazy (but only in the evenings!), because I know that life just isn't the same without a comment from Jen!!!!


Betsy said...

I'm with ya on the Indy. I wish they would have stuck to archaeology instead of bringing all of that other crap into it. And? Quit all of the obvious and sometimes silly references to the other movies and their lines. They were funny the first time.

Welcome back!

Erin said...

I just saw Indiana Jones on Sunday and I was a little disappointed. It just wasn't what I was expecting.

Nostril flaring?...No way, I am a nostril flarer too! My husband bugs me because when I'm not happy they flare out especially wide : )

Melody said...

Good, i can sleep now that Jen is back.

smtwngrl said...

Yay! Jen's back!

1. I thought I was the only one who had a huge crush on Jason Bateman. At least I know I'm in good company now.

2. With all the bad things I've heard about Indiana Jones, I'm likely to love it since my expectations at this point are VERY low.

3. I'm sorry to hear about your nostril pimple. I'm also a frequent flarer. I can imagine that's Uber-painful.

4. Every penny counts these days. I'm considering going on a Ramen noodle diet reminiscent of my college days...

So glad to have you back!

Jen said...

Peeing while on the phone with a good friend... I call it multi-tasking. While I am pregnant there is no way to have a conversation without the need to pee.