Tuesday, May 13, 2008

the winner is.....

The small personage I saw in the lobby was indeed Dr. Ruth.
Dressed casually, she came breezing into the lobby, plopped herself down on a chair to wait for the person she was going to meet.
She sat on the edge of her chair and watched everything and everyone with great interest, like a little bird. We made eye contact and smiled briefly and continued with our individual perusings of the room.  
When the gentleman for whom she was waiting finally arrived, she rose and greeted him with a hug and a kiss and exchanged a few words in German. Then she gathered up her things and they were off.
This was just as satisfying as the time I saw The Fonz on the street and leaned out of the car window to holler "I love you".  He graciously blew a kiss.  I remember wondering at the time what it must be like to be a star and be walking down the street deep in your own thoughts and have a fan scream undying love from a passing car. 
What famous person(s) have you seen?  


Betsy said...

Seen or actually met?

Seen- The Fonz (speaker at a conference), Steve Zahn (the guy in Reality Bites- saw him in the Mall of America one Christmas), Doc Baker (in Walnut Grove- I think his name is Kevin something or other), Lars Ulrich (in Tetons)...and a bunch of authors including Tamora Pierce, James Patterson, and Christopher Paul Curtis.

I ALMOST met Elie Wiesel, but his flight was cancelled because of weather.

Oh, and Bonnie Blaire. And Stone Philips.

I think that's it.

Anonymous said...

I met and chatted up Franco Harris in Hawaii 2 years ago (he signed my business card! and asked what i was doing later ;)).
I met the Furniture Guys at a Home Show,
OF COURSE most of us from home have encounted Davy Jones (of the Monkees) around town,
met & chatted up singer Robert Earl Keen,
shook Stewart Copeland's hand (drummer for The Police)...
and I dunno.
I know Jennifer of Calling Dr. Bombay fame...

mk99 said...

Met: Peter Mayer, today. Seriously. Who the hell is Peter Mayer you ask? Jimmy Buffett's lead guitarist. He fronts his own band, The Peter Mayer Group, and they play christian rock. They performed at work today and I helped coordinate the event.

My one claim to fame.

Sad isn't it.

mk99 said...

Oh, also I am John Mellencamp's second cousin.

Does that count?

smtwngrl said...

Yay! I love Dr. Ruth :)

I saw Jerry Seinfeld in Central Park once. It was almost surreal because I wasn't expecting to see anyone famous, so at first I thought it was some random guy who looked like Jerry . When I pointed this out to my friend, she said, very loudly, "Uh, that IS Jerry Seinfeld!" At which point, he hurried across the street and our horse-drawn carriage continued on it's way.

I've met a few country singers back in the day, but that was planned, not a chance encounter (which I find much more exciting).

Jen said...

I spent my career in the hospitality industry so you see a ton of celebrities going through hotels. My closest brush with celebrity though was having lunch with Bob Dole. I'd won an award and that was supposedly one of the perks, we sat and chatted for about an hour, but no, no talk of viagra, although you know I wanted to mention it the whole time. I'm classy that way.

Anonymous said...

The airport is a wonderful place to spot the famous. I personally, have never run across anyone of that calibur; however, my sister met and took pics with Rick Springfield. She ran into Alan Autry of "In the Heat of the Night" fame at Gold's Gym. Of course, he's the mayor of our fair city now so you can see him at the movie theater any given Saturday afternoon.
Sandra just came back from London and sat next to Bruce Boxlietner all the way home. He's married to Laura Ingalls, you know.


Dana said...

Well, there's Kim Perrot of the Houston Comets (WNBA). I saw her at the mall.
There there's Frank Bielec of Trading Spaces. I saw him at Ciro's a popular Italian spot here in Houston.

I've met and worked with several news anchors that would only be famous locally.

and to Sanna, I LOVE the Furniture Guys, I used to watch that show religiously and hate that I can't find it anymore. You have had a true brush with greatness!

PhantomMinuet said...

I saw Joseph Fiennes, Jeremy Irons, Liam Neeson, Cillian Murphy, and Bono at the Toronto Film Festival about three or four years back. TIFF is a great place to celebrity watch. The festival seems a lot less celebrity-obsessed than American festivals, and actors and directors are much more accessible.

i am p. said...

cool! dr. ruth! and the fonz!

i served beer to dave coulier (joey from full house) in the late 90's. he was in cedar rapids on a comedy tour, came into the bar where i worked, and sat in my section. i tried to play it ultra-cool, and may have overdone it and came off rude.

i am p. said...

oh, and i saw senator tom harkin at the farmer's market saturday morning.