Monday, May 05, 2008

Wasted Weekend

Because of my computer black-out I watched TV and movies over the weekend.

The movies:

No Country For Old Men and Michael Clayton

I'm sure that I'm in the minority here, but I thought that while Javier Bardem's performance was good, it wasn't exactly Oscar-worthy.

His haircut on the other hand.......

The same can be said for Tilda Swinton in Michael Clayton. I might have found a new girl crush.
I need to see her in other movies though. Any suggestions?
I am not very fond of British actors trying to do American accents so I can only imagine that it must pain the ears of the British population to hear American actors doing British accents. I did like Tom Wilkinson. The first time I saw him was in a movie with Minnie Driver called "The Governess". He was long and lean and elegant and naked. Watch it, you just might like it.

TV: Housewives of NYC. I saw the final episode and the reunion show. I can't believe I wasted my time watching this show, much less IM'ing Sanna for 10 minutes about it today.
Anybody else watching this show? Or how about "Keeping up with the Kardashians" . I can't stop watching that show either. And all keep thinking when I see Bruce Jenner is "FACE LIFT"

I also started reading two books: Out of Africa - by Isak Dinesen and then when I can't stand any more of the wordiness I move on to The Little Lady Agency - by Hester Browne. This book is major chick-lit but it is British chick lit so I'm reading it with a British accent and therefore counts as culture.

In the food and beverage department I polished off the rest of a can of cashews, ate many Milky Way miniatures - hey, it takes a LOT of miniatures to make one big candy bar so in reality I ate only one whole Milky Way, had three slices of left over ham and onion pizza washed down with a rapidly going flat Coke and one carrot. Just to keep it healthy.

What did you do this weekend?


mk99 said...

Saturday I spent the day cleaning the house and doing laundry and cooking, and cooking, and....

Sunday we went to church (gasp). When we first set down in the pew before service started, my husband was lightly touching the hymnal book in the rack on the back of the next pew. I looked at him inquisitely, he replied "just grounding myself for the lightning strike".

Went out to eat with the wet ones and parental units afterwards, then came home and mowed the yard.

Today we both were bed ridden with allergies - fun.

You asked.

PhantomMinuet said...

I pulled out my summer dresses and packed away my sweaters. And I cooked...hoppin' john, arrabiata sauce, and cupcakes. :-)

smtwngrl said...

Stressed out about potential identity theft.

Attended a writing conference.

Planted more flowers.

Stressed out some more.

Took a nap.

Did some writing.

Watched Rendition. (Very good, btw.)

Continued the stressing.

Spent a little time with My Love.

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Misty said...


Maybe you would have had to see it at the theatre. I saw it at the theatre twice and then on DVD too and I have to say, I like it less on DVD.
The thing is, the details of his expressions, (plus other roles he's played in comparison) PLUS THE FACT THAT HE LITERALLY CRIES when he kills that cop... Oh, millions of reasons. My girlfriend (who is also a member of the entertainment press) and I sat there trasfixed at the screening. We were both nodding our heads saying "he will win the oscar" and this was BEFORE nominations... *sigh*

I don't see why TS was nominated though...

Dana said...

Yardwork and I walked in a 5k with my family to raise money for the Arts.


I have seen Keeping up with the Kardashian's once and the whole time I was thinking, is that Bruce Jenner? Surely not & then I would say, no, it's called KUWT Kardashian's not the Jenner's.

Um, yeah.

Anonymous said...

Saturday was spent in the yard caring for my roses. I'm not sure why I love roses so much. They need quite a bit of care and they attack you for the trouble.

Sunday morning was spent lounging and wandering the neighborhood with my latest charge, a Golden Retriever named Rocky. We have to visit EVERYONE!!

Then I went and had lunch with my niece who insisted that she needed to wander the neighborhood with Rocky so I took her to play with him for a few hours. Both were quite happy at the end of the day.

I have seen the HW of NY -- There really are people like that. All these years I thought TV was just making it up. Rich and shallow. And why exactly are they called HOUSEWIVES? They don't really fit the criteria.

As for the Kardashian's...let me just say that if I ever spoke to my mother the way they talk to theirs, she would have slapped me into the next century. And the mom acts so surprised that they treat her like crap.


Liz said...

First- Javier Bardem FREAKED my sh*t out in No Country for Old Men. He is now the monster that I picture under my bed.

Second- I watched every episode of Real Housewives of NYC (I am only mildly ashamed to admit) plus the reunion. These rich women fascinate me. And Ramona needs a daily tranquilizer, methinks.