Wednesday, August 27, 2008

cleanliness is next to godliness

As we speak, a team of highly organized, professional cleaning peoples are hard at work cleaning up 4 months worth of filth in my house.
That's right, I pay people to clean my house.
They do it in under an hour, while I am at work.  So when I come home today, I'm going to find a sparkling clean house.
Luxury.....sheer luxury
As a special treat to myself, I've also asked them to please clean out the refrigerator. So all I will have to do is throw out the moldy leftovers!
And tomorrow?
The carpet cleaners are coming!!


Misty said...

Very nice... I'm a wee bit jealous...

Erin said...

One day I will do people to clean for me : ) Lucky girl!

Melody said...

No one is judging. We have all done it and if we haven't we are jealous.

Ami said...

I'm so jealous right have no idea. My house could use a really good scrub-down right about now.

34 Years said...

We have people come in to clean as well. I'm perfectly capable of keeping the house neat - but things like baseboards? And moving out the couch to get behind it? Not so much.