Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Do you know what I hate....

You know what I hate….

I hate the euphemism “va-jay-jay”. I prefer “hoo-hah”

I hate that Christina Applegate had to have a double mastectomy. At 36 years of age

I hate that no matter how many times I start to read “House of Seven Gables” I put it aside in favor of any other book or the latest Collections Etc. catalog

I hate that I have no real desire to exercise. Not even lifting little hand weights in my chair like I did when I was in rehab.

I hate that my love for Oreos has waned and I hate that I have no explanation for this strange turn of events.

You know what I love……

I love Meryl Streep in all her guises and accents ( I just saw Sophies Choice for the first time)

I love the smell of freshly cut onion grass

I love my brand-new 500ct plum colored sheets that are waiting to be put on the bed.

I love that I have something deliciously wonderful to look forward to for next week.

I love this conversation that my mother had with my little 5 yr old niece Phoebe when Phoebe called to tell Grandma that she lost her first tooth:
‘She also told me Daddy took them to the fair. She said she got lost. When I asked her what she did, she replied,
"I walked back and forth and whimpered a little bit."’

I totally felt Phoebe's pain. Any time I ever get lost be it at a fair or a department store or a huge parking lot or even driving in my car I do the same thing. Especially the whimpering.

What are you loving or hating at the moment?


G Love said...

Loving - short day at work (I leave at 2:30 today!)

Hating - that my boss dropped 7 pounds in one week simply by cutting out his daily soda. I hate men.

Ami said...

Loving - My new haircut, the weather around here, that I only have three more days until the pre-release party for the anthology my work is in!

Hating - That I got stuck at work late doing a tedious task that had to be done, that even when I want to I can't seem to get myself to the gym and that My Love works soooo much.

Betsy said...

Loving- school starts next week, the fact that I am starting to put up decorations in my porch, my ideas.

Hating- school starts next week, my porch is classified as a natural disaster area due to decorating attempts, and the fact that I don't always follow through on my great ideas.

34 Years said...

Hating that I lack motivation.

Loving that there's always tomorrow.

Jess said...

Love va-jay-jay...
Agree on the insomnia solving powers of the House of Seven Gables...

Now for me...
Loving... good ethnic food
Hating... the fact that I live in a place where you can't get good ethnic food

Melody said...

Loving the good karma feeling I've been enjoying.

Hating that I don't get to see my family (or some of them) as often as I'd like.

Knitting Kris said...

Love the fact that it's Friday, and I'm not working this weekend. Hate that next weekend is an on-call weekend, which means I'll be available to 100+ people 24/7 for three nights straight.
Romance novels - have you tried Rosamund Pilcher - she's never heaving or grabbing anything, and her descriptions are fabulous! Then again, I'm reading a frivolous novel now as well. I can't concentrate on anything else.