Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Don't get too close

I'm sick.
I have a summer cold.  And no, it is not allergies.  It is merely a cold
Summer colds suck.
I feel like I'm underwater and my ears keep popping. 
I have a tight cough that won't quit.  But as the day progresses it is starting to loosen up ..so you know what that means....next I'll be horking up great gobs of phlegm. 
Don't you just wish you were working in the cubicle next to mine?!?
Luckily I haven't lost my sense of taste yet. 


34 Years said...

Stopping by to drop off some cough drops, a magazine (for boredom at work) and tissues for you to spit the soon-to-be-loosened phlegm into lest it settle and threaten to shut off your airway.

nejyerf said...

i like halls honey lemon cough drops and people magazine and puffs tissues with lotion for my poor, sore nose

Melody said...

My gross husband calls it "lung butter".

Get well.

Misty said...

sad... we expect such insanity in the winter- but summer time sucks!

Betsy said...

I always get a bad cold within the first few weeks of school. It's being around all of those germy kids again.

Honestly, I do the old remedy of stooping over a pot of hot water. Loosens everything up.

Anonymous said...

I picked up some Greek liquer at the Pa. Wine & Spirits Store yesterday, it is Anise flavored. I cannot remember the name ? Orso?
It is great for the cough that comes along with a summer cold. It is 40% alcohol. I don't remember the name of it because I picked it up for your cousin Marcy. She has had a very bad cold the past week.

Ami said...

Hope you're feeling better! I miss you. Are you getting lots of rest and being waited on hand and food?