Wednesday, October 29, 2008


In case you hadn't noticed, I was not around last week.
I have a good excuse. I became ill.
Monstrously ill.
Gravely ill.
At deaths' door ill.
Ok, maybe not quite that bad.
But I was really  sick.
Remember the dentist appointment?
The appointment went beautifully. 
I had four fillings and a scolding from Kevin the cute hygenist about my lack of flossing.
After the dentist it all went downhill.
I woke up Thursday night/early Friday morning with severe vertigo that seized hold and would not let go for days. 
I spent Friday and half of Saturday throwing up whenever I moved my head too much.
TV was out.
As was reading.
I was reduced to lying almost comatose on the couch in between bouts of nausea.
When I finally roused myself enough to go to the Dr, it turned out that I has some kind of inner ear inflammation.
He prescribed a weeks worth of prednisone.
My equilibirium was off.  I couldn't sit up straight.  I kept listing starboard.
I couldn't keep my balance if my life depended on it.
I was a mess.
I'm doing much better now.
Except for the fact that we had 4-6" of snow yesterday and as a result we've no power and an uprooted tree in the back yard.
Seriously...snow before Halloween?!?!?!


34 Years said...

Glad you're feeling better, I was wondering where you were. What a miserable past week for you!

At least your Giants are kicking butt :)

Miah said...

I did notice you weren't around. I kept checking your blog! Sorry you have been so sick, ear problems are no fun...I had to laugh at your remark that you kept listing starboard...whenever I am sick like that I inevitably have a dream that I am aboard a ship.

Misty said...

oh my gosh. If it's not one thing, it's another...

Anonymous said...

Oh Wow!! I knew you were quiet but then you don't chit chat much anymore because of your job.

Glad to hear you are better.

We must send you some Oreos.


ojamam said...

Did you feel like the seasick passenger who was afraid he would die, and then was afraid he wouldn't?

Drink lots of fluids and put your feet up every chance you get.

Dana said...

That sucks! If you are going to be sick it would have made it at least bearable to be able to watch horrid tv and read trashy novels but no! And then no power? Geesh.

Hope things are going much better this week!

Melody said...

OMG! Snow?

I am sorry you were ill - I did miss you.

Be careful and don't "tump over" again.

Jenster said...

I'm sorry you were so ill. What good is being sick if you can't lie in bed and watch movies all day?