Thursday, October 16, 2008


Today is my second try at the dentist.  I've confirmed my appointment so I know it is the right time.
Wish me luck!
In other news, my sister read my blog for the first time and wants everyone to know that even though she can lift a 100lb baby calf she is a delicate, fragile flower.
She also thinks I'm weird for having a blog and putting out such personal information for all and sundry to read.
Truthfully, that hurt my feelings. 
I don't consider myself weird.
Different perhaps.
Eccentric maybe.
But definitely not weird.
But then it occurred to me that Jody is not into the internet and all its wonder and glory.
You see, she has a real, full life.
Let me itemize just a few of the things my sister can do/does:
1) She works part-time for an upholsterer
2) She knows how to re-cane a chair
3) She can deliver a baby cow
4) She keeps chickens
5) She raises sheep
6) She shears sheep
7) She spins the wool from her sheep
8) She dyes the wool from her sheep
9) She knits with the wool from her sheep
10) She raises pigs
11) She arranges for her pigs to be butchered
12) She rides her horse 
13) She has a loom on which she weaves beautiful things
14) She is building a rock garden with giant Vermont rocks
15) She works two days a week as a church secretary
16) She is raising 3 three kids, 3 kittens and a Corgi dog named Morgan
17) She does the chores at the barn
18) She is involved in community activities
19) She keeps a close eye on her aged in-laws
20) She keeps the books for a business that is very often in the red
21) She will rebuild her front porch next spring
22) She is helping her husband and her neighbor build a pole barn on her property
23) She grows beautiful vegetables and herbs in her garden
24) She dries the herbs and then makes catnip mice and sends them to my cats
25) She is teaching her children how to become responsible, independent, free-thinking people
Shall I go on?
With all these myriads of things that occupy her life,  it is no wonder she thinks that someone who sits in front of a computer talking/writing about her trivial life is weird.
But I would venture to say that she will keep coming back to read what nonsense her big sister is writing about today.
And I'm sure, if pressed, she will contribute some "Notes from the Northeast Kingdom" for your reading enjoyment this winter.


Jennifer Webb said...

Your sister definitely does alot but some outside of that Vermont lifestyle just find that different. It depends on where you are on the fence and looking over at the other side.

Would I shear a sheep and use that wool to knit a nice sweater???? NEVER. But I can see why she does it. My longest lasting sweater that gets the most compliments was knitted in 1990 by my grandma!!!!

Erin said...

Wow she sounds like she has a busy life! And I thought my days were busy. : )

Dana said...

All of a sudden I feel so boring.

And unskilled.

Oooh, I know, I know, I can...oh wait, no, that wouldn't be considered a skill.

Sigh. Tell your sister I am thoroughly impressed.

Jenster said...

I got tired just reading about all your sister's activities. No wonder I choose to sit in front of a computer instead!

Please let her know that I believe her when she says she's a delicate, fragile flower!

Misty said...

seriously? your sister is like a rockstar, minus the actual music. she's awesome...
you are too, because blogging is awesome.
But yeah, you know what i mean.

Gillian said...

You're not weird. There are millions of people who do this crazy thing!

Though my husband shares your sister's views.

*and he also reads my blog every day. So there.

Anonymous said...

You each have your own talent. She's the country girl and loves that life. You are more the intellectual who loves words, reading, and computers.

It takes both kinds to make the world go 'round. And maybe you can get her to knit you a great pair of warm socks to wear while you're writing your blog!


Melody said...

You are not weird. She is not weird. I am not weird (well...).

We are all just different and thank God for that.

Anonymous said...

I think Jody was so amazed how you communicate your thoughts so well and share them with others, she was lost for words ( imagine that!)she just didn't know what to say! You can be sure your little sister admires YOU.
Aunt Benita

Melody said...

Yoo hoo....where are you?

34 Years said...

Hey still in the dentist chair? Just checking in on ya!