Tuesday, October 07, 2008

freckles and phoebe

When I was a little girl, I was all over freckles.

I was so freckly my mother wrote a story about my freckles aptly titled "Jenny's Freckles" and my Papa would tease me mercilessly that I was "rusting out". Over time the freckles on my face faded and I was left with just freckles on my arms and the story of "Jenny's Freckles".

Turns out my little niece Phoebe has freckles as well.

"Phoebe" I exclaimed in surprise and delight, "you have freckles on your nose".

"I know" she calmly responded, obviously used to people pointing out the obvious.


34 Years said...

Point: Phoebe

She sounds like a cutie. I also had a face full of freckles...I love freckles. Wish they stayed-

Dana said...

Phoebe's Freckles sounds like a great childrens book as well.

Did your mom publish the book?

I didn't have freckles as a child. Anywhere. But I am making up for that now...

Misty said...

i love freckles! My daughters nose and cheeks are flecked with them!

Jenster said...

I think freckles are really cute! Of course, I never had them on my face until I had kids. Now people will comment on my "freckles" and I have to inform them that they're actually age spots.

nejyerf said...

Dana - the book has yet to be published.

If anyone knows a good childrens book publisher let me know!