Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pink Pearl

Ah, the pink pearl eraser.

Everyone, at some point in their school career has used a pink pearl eraser.

I must have used an entire eraser each year that I took algebra and trig and geometry in high school.

Over the weekend I started to watch “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” and it reminded me of the list I found last month when Ginger was out visiting and we were going through my box of old high school memories.

Amiable Agate
Alluring Amber
Ardent Amethyst
Charming Coral
Daring Diamond
Enticing Emerald
Fickle Fluorite
Gracious Garnet
Joyful Jade
Lovely Lapis-Lazuli
Mysterious Moonstone
Obscure Obsidian
Ominous Onyx
Obstreperous Opal
Pink Pearl
Pernicious Peridot
Ravishing Ruby
Startling Sapphire
Sinful Sardonyx
Tempting Topaz
Zealous Zircon

This, my friends, was a brain storm I had in Algebra II.

I remember it distinctly.

I was staring at my pink pearl eraser and it suddenly occurred to me that Pink Pearl would be an excellent name for a madam.

She would work at "The Jewel Box" and the girls would have jewel names.

My friends all liked the idea and picked their monikers: Ginger was Ravishing Ruby, Sanna was Gracious Garnet , Jess was Ardent Amethyst and I, of course was Pink Pearl.

I barely passed Algebra II that year.

Who would you be?


34 Years said...

Wow...when I saw that eraser picture I could IMMEDIATELY remember the smell of them. How funny. I always used to wish they were gum.

I'll have to think of a madam name...

Allknowingjen said...

I call dibs on Startling Sapphire. :)
I love that you had to come up with 3 "O" ones and that one is "obstreperous"

G Love said...

I was IN the best lil whorehouse in texas! A lal, much lauded production. I was Dawn. Can I be Dawn again?

Melody said...

Being as green is my "signature" color - definitely Joyful Jade.

JEss said...

OMG... I read Pink Pearl and suddenly i was in Algebra again... HOW could i have forgeten pink pearl... even for a second... (remember study sessions and foot tapping??....)

Ami said...

It's amazing how the sight of something so familiar brings back a flood of memories (smells, sounds, sights). Something as simple as a pink eraser takes me straight back to school.

My birthstone is Garnet, but I'd rather go with Enticing Emerald.

Very creative list! I might steal this for a writing exercise...

Dana said...

I love this! I also love red hair and if I were to be one of "The Jewel Box" ladies I think I would want to be a red head named Ravishing Ruby.

:) This was awesome!

Jenster said...

I would be Lovely Lapis-Lazuli, just because it's fun to say!